Is That Another Mural I See?!

Andrea Palmai
by Andrea Palmai
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2 Days

When my best friend was pregnant I was super excited to paint a mural in her nursery. Unfortunately they had to move just a month after having the baby, so it was now time to paint another mural in the new nursery.


I didn't exactly take a before photo... all the walls were white in the nursery. I'm sure you can picture it. We decided to go with some plants and stripes. One of my favorites plants is a monstera, so I definitely wanted to include that.

I drew up a sketch and it was time to get going. We used a projector to project the plants on the wall and used the a pencil to draw on the wall once that was done I painted the plants.

Here we go! Day one was finished! I was ready to return the next day to finish this masterpiece with some circles and stripes.

Day one wrap.

Day 2! I added some circles. To create the circle I tied a pencil to a thumb tack and drew a circle. Then I proceeded to paint it. Since this was a circle you can't really use painters tape.. I have no tips on how to stay inside the line when painting. I guess Just practice practice practice.

Finishing up another circle. Here in the background you can see I taped out the stripes! That's the next step.

Once the stripes were done, it was time to remove the tape. (the best part!)

It was quite hard to take good photos of the whole wall because of the window, but here are a few! If you like this transformation and would like to see a video of the making of this mural. Follow me on Instagram @andreapalmai and check out my reel of how I did it.

Suggested materials:
  • Painters tape   (Amazon)
  • Paint   (Home depot)
  • Paint brushes and rollers   (Amazon)
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  • JC JC on Aug 18, 2022

    What an artist you are! Really turned out beautiful. Thought the outlined leaves were a great idea. Added some whimsical quality! Jim

  • Tam Tam on Aug 18, 2022

    Boy do you have vision!