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You've seen our new roof, the Haint Blue Ceiling of the porch and today I'd like to show you the new porch/decking. I finally picked out a color of stain with much thought.

The Before Picture:

It has been a few years since we stained the porch and it needed it badly.

This is how the flooring looked from a few years of use without cleaning or staining.

Here we have our wonderful painters Wendell on the left and Earl on the right cleaning and preparing the porch for the stain.

Wow it was such a pretty color that if we had not just purchased the stain I might would have just gone with a clear or light brown color. Oh well we will just "Go For It!" This new look!

This is a collection of brown colored stains I was thinking seriously about. The one on the left had me almost decided to use a brown.

Earl brought us several paint/stain brochures so that we could choose a color.

You know it may sound funny but after choosing the blue for the ceiling the next hardest decision I had to make was the floor decking stain color. That really surprised me and I don't know why.

I spent an entire day trying to decide only that question, which color?

I tried to find a color that would blend in with the color of the bricks in the steps, the new blue of the ceiling and flow from inside the foyer. The foyer has oak hard wood flooring that has a color named Gunstock.

So I first tried to find a wood/brown toned stain that would make it seem as if the inside continued onto the outside. It would have had a good flow that's for sure. However I had a very nagging desire to have a porch gray like my grandmother and mother in law had on their porches. It just wouldn't leave the back of my mind. The old traditional porch colors of gray.

I grouped the blue ceiling/gray floors that caught my attention. These only sealed the love I had for the grays of a porch floor. Even though I have decking I wanted that look somewhat. The funny thing is that our porch flooring will have to be replaced in a few years anyway, so why was I stressing so over a color? I can't answer that one.

Look at the way these are so clean, open, light and airy. They seem so much more spacious than the darker colors. I just love them!

SW 3027



Woodscapes Acrylic Solid Color Stain

The color sample above shows to be somewhat darker than the color actually is. * Note* Keep that in mind online colors do not look like they actually look on true paint samples or the paint itself.

I knew when I chose this color that it was the right one. Not only was it the only gray on that particular chart but my mama Dot loved driftwood like nobody's business! She was always after the guys in the family when out and about around water to bring her a piece home. She would put those in her flower gardens. Plus when she was with me she would sit on that porch daily she loved it. So my reasoning behind this color!

Look at this simple little farmhouse! I still love it! The shutters have been removed the ceiling has been painted and now to do the floor then the front of the house will be painted!

AFTER: Can you see the color? I think that we are going to like it, well in fact we do! It is so peaceful and appealing to the eye the color combination. Look into the left small window beside the door can you see the sky? It is almost an exact match to the ceiling color. (I love it!)

Earl said that many now are painting/staining their porches black or dark green. I know that would have been a very modern approach but me I think I must be claustrophobic! It would have closed me in. This I can live with! The new old Southern Traditional Porch Color of gray!

Love the look!

AFTER: It makes for a very calming environment.


Yes, I know we'll enjoy this nice clean look! I also love the way the lighting changes both the coloring of the floor and blue ceiling! It is an adventure just walking onto the porch now!

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Suggested materials:
  • Stain   (sherwin-williams)
  • SW 3027 Driftwood Sherwin-Williams Woodscapes Acrylic Solid Color Stai   (Home Improvement Store)
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