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PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holder

Do you get frustrated by kids' toothbrushes getting knocked off onto the floor of the bathroom, or worse, the trash can or toilet? We had this dilemma in our kids' bathroom, and came up with this great way to organize toothbrushes and keep them clean!
Time: 20 Minutes Cost: $7 Difficulty: Easy
With just some PVC pipe and caps you can whip these up in no time. Cut the pipe to size, drill a hole so they can hang, pop on an end cap and label each one so everyone knows which holder is theirs.
The hall bathroom in our house also serves as the bathroom for our 3 kids. When we moved in though it was in pretty bad shape. When we got to remodel it, we knew the funky countertop, with the skinny part all along the back of the toilet had to go.
So this is what the bathroom looks like now, but we had virtually no counter any more, and we needed a place to put toothbrushes! I didn't like the idea of putting them in baskets above the toilet, I wasn't sure they'd stay clean. Click through to the post to get all the specific details on how we made the toothbrush holders. They're super easy, and washable too!

To see more: http://www.craftingintherain.com/2013/02/pvc-pipe-toothbrush-holders.html

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