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$1 Contact Paper Refrigerator Makeover


I have to admit...This was the first time that I can say, I was so excited to clean out the refrigerator!
1 contact paper refrigerator makeover, appliances, repurposing upcycling
Look how cute it looks!!
1 contact paper refrigerator makeover, appliances, repurposing upcycling
With only a $1 purchase of contact paper from the Dollar Store, I was able to transform my kitchen refrigerator.
1 contact paper refrigerator makeover, appliances, repurposing upcycling
Clean your refrigerator shelves before adhering the contact paper. Cut the paper to the size of the glass that you are covering.
For the next step, if you have an extra person around the house to help, it could make it go a little easier for you, however not necessary.
Remove backing from the contact paper. Line up to the edge and corners of one side. Slightly holding the paper up with one hand, with the opposite hand, rub in a back and forth motion on top of the contact paper to press into place. Make sure to get all the creases and air bubbles out, as you are working your way across the surface of your glass.
1 contact paper refrigerator makeover, appliances, repurposing upcycling
Replace your shelve, step back and admire how cute your refrigerator looks!!
For other ideas using Contact Paper, please look at our website linked below.

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  • Shelly Luckett Lemons
    on Jan 17, 2019

    What if your shelves aren’t glass but wire? Could you cut cardboard down and use e-600 to glue to the wire then cover with the contact paper?

    • Chng
      on Feb 5, 2019

      My shelves are wire. I use a shelf paper that feels kind of like rubber. Not sticky though. I get it at Dollar Tree. I don't glue it down because I can take it out & wash it when something spills. Just put it right back in. This saves time & energy.

  • Shelly Luckett Lemons
    on Feb 12, 2019

    I was thinking of using cardboard cut down to size to fit the shelves. I can use shelf liner sprayed with cold/liquid repellent to wipe away easily. Does that sound like a feasible idea?

  • Cindy Rubin
    on Feb 28, 2019

    How does moisture affect the contact paper? Will it start to peel with the wear and tear of items going in and out so frequently?

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  • Suzy Googoo
    on Feb 1, 2019

    The reason why glass shelves are utilized in refrigerators is because it makes it easier to find items. I think the money would have been better spent on clear plastic organizers rather than view-hindering contact paper that is neither designed for wet interiors nor has the look or feel of being hygienic.

  • Susan
    on Mar 10, 2019

    I used the same contact paper but to cover my refrigerator that had seen better days. It has lasted over 5 years. I was hoping to have replaced it by now. 😳

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