Moss Balls and Topiaries (Size Does Matter!)

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30 Minutes

With Blizzard Jonas' visit last weekend, I've had enough of winter. I guess the idea of our deck being colder than our fridge doesn't sit well with me. It makes me feel like a vegetable put on ice to keep crunchy until served! But since winter wants to stick around, it seems I am left with two options: - Behave like a caveman and yell at winter to leave. - Act normal and ignore it. If winter still wants to get cozy, then simply imply that it is no longer wanted by changing the home decor to Spring. I chose the later and started flirting with Spring. I haven't done much yet, but I've done enough to remind me of beautiful warm Spring weather: moss balls and topiaries.
They may look like a lot of work, but they were quite easy to make. So no, I didn't need the skills of Edward Scissorhands to make these beauties :)

My first project was a cork & moss ball, or the "World War II Sea Mine" as Greg calls it. I used some natural color Spanish Moss, wine corks, a hot glue gun and a Wiffle Ball. Any plastic or Styrofoam ball would suffice to make this one, but I prefer a Wiffle Ball, because not only did I already have one on hand, but also its circular holes make everything easier.
I used green Spanish moss for the one I made last year, which you might have seen in Greg's "Filling the Void" post. Not to have two WWII Sea Mines exactly the same, I decided to use natural color Spanish Moss with this second one.
The pine cone & moss ball have the same principle with the WWII Sea Mines.
Believe it or not, making these are so easy!

After tackling the small ones, I decided to go bigger. Other than the size of the balls, the process was almost the same. Now here is something interesting I learned while making these bigger moss balls -moss ball topiaries- Apparently any moss ball bigger than 6-7 inches gains a much more sophisticated title in stores -Moss Ball Topiary- and is more expensive. So regardless of functionality - which is home decor in this case - size does matter! Anyway... back to the subject.
The only different thing in the process was painting these big ones before hands. Here is the finished 8 inch moss topiary.
With the bigger moss ball topiary (I can't help myself giggling at the name), it was pretty much the same process. The only difference was that I decided to add some vines on top of it so it would resemble the real deal.
Since I made it this far with the moss topiaries, I thought I should try to make something different than just a ball shape. That is when I came up with this little guy.
For this one I used metal strap. The ones I had at home were perforated, but it didn't matter since they were soon to be moss.


CLICK ON THE LINK above to visit our blog post for the full tutorials on 6 different types of moss balls & topiaries seen in this post.

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Handan, xo

Suggested materials:

  • Moss
  • Ball

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  • Nancy
    on Mar 4, 2017

    The moss looks brown in the earlier photos, but is a lovely green by the end. Did you do something

    • For the "sea mines" (the moss ball with corks) I used two different color moss. Could that be what you are asking? Otherwise all other moss balls are made with green moss.

  • Ruth Ollis
    on Aug 30, 2017

    Where did you get the GORGEOUS stand that the natural moss ball is sitting on? I am IN LOVE!!!!!
    • Hello Ruth, I bought it at Hobby Lobby's discount section for about 3 dollars. It wasn't good looking like that before. It was in fact a very ugly blue and burgundy red candle holder. I thought for 3 dollars you can't go wrong and I bought it. Gave it a 2 coats of off-white paint, then highlighted it with some goldish-copperish gild, and turned it into what you see now :-) -Handan
  • Veronica Villouta Stengl
    on Sep 1, 2017

    Hello everybody! My moss isn´t you paint it?
    • Anna
      on Sep 1, 2017

      YES! I spray paint my moss with floral paint called BASIL by THE MASTERS. It's that perfect shade of live moss. You can use it before or after soaking it, if your project requires your moss to be more pliable. Another lil trick is a dash of HAIR SPRAY to stop all the lil droppings when you bump into it. & a light spray of alcohol, does away with any dust building up:)
      P.S. Yes, I love moss...

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  • Carol
    on Mar 2, 2017

    Yaaaaargh - can't wait! Meantime, I still haven't found anything round in the size that I want.... Have the moss though, so maybe I'll wait for your other shapes :-)

    • Susan seitz-kulick
      on Feb 7, 2019

      If you are going to paint it before gluing the moss on anyway, why not use a child’s plastic ball. They are cheap, Weight next to nothing, and come in different sizes.

  • Denise
    on Sep 28, 2017

    These are awesome! We live in Ecuador,,,,need to start hunting for material.
    • Oh my - I wish Ecuador was one of those countries we lived in (oh we lived in many...LOL) so I could help you with all the info on where to find the supplies :-)

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