How to Make a Bunny Topiary: A Cheerful Front Porch Easter Decoration

Looking for a fun and creative way to spruce up your front porch for Easter? Bunny topiaries are a charming addition that will surely delight your visitors.

In this step-by-step guide, I'll show you how to create your own easter bunny topiary using simple materials and easy-to-follow instructions.

Let's hop right into it!

Tools and Materials:

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Easter front porch decorating ideas

1. Assemble the Base

Begin by gathering two large and two small round plastic bowls.

Outdoor Easter bunny decor

These bowls will form the structure of our Easter bunny topiary.

Easy Easter bunny craft

Using a strong glue, attach the tops of the large bowls to form a ball shape.

Creating ball shapes from Dollar Store plastic bowls

Repeat the process with the small bowls.

How to form a rabbit from bowls

Apply a strong glue to the base of the smaller ball.

Bunny form taking shape

Stack the small bowls on top of the large ones to create the shape of a rabbit.

Make bunny ears from a foam kneeler

2. Create Bunny Ears

Take a foam kneeler and trace the shape of bunny ears onto it.

Affordable festive crafts

Use a craft knife to carefully cut around the marks.

Homemade Easter decorations

Glue the foam ears to the top ball of the bunny structure.

Holiday crafts

Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before proceeding.

DIY Easter front porch idea

3. Add Moss

Using basic white glue and a paintbrush, apply glue to the bowls one section at a time and attach moss.

Easy DIY Easter bunny decor

This method ensures that the moss adheres securely to the surface.

How to design a playful bunny topiary

Allow the moss to dry completely.

Transform your front porch with a whimsical bunny topiary

4. Apply Green Spray Paint

Take the bunny topiary outside and spray paint it with green spray paint. This will provide an even coloring, covering any visible gaps and giving the moss a uniform appearance.

How to make your own adorable Easter bunny decor

Allow the spray paint to dry completely.

Add a touch of magic to your front porch with an enchanting bunny topiary

5. Trim and Decorate

Once the spray paint is dry, trim any excess moss to give your Easter bunny a neat appearance.

DIY project for charming Easter decor

Wrap fairy lights around the topiary for a magical touch.

DIY Easter bunny

6. Display Your Easter Bunny Topiary

Place your completed bunny topiary in a sturdy flower pot.

Tuck the fairy lights into the back of the arrangement.

Now, proudly display your creation on your front porch to greet guests with festive easter front porch decorations.

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Brighten up your front porch with a cheerful bunny topiary

Bunny Topiary Tutorial

I hope this easter bunny decoration has inspired you to get creative and make your own bunny topiary for Easter.

Quick DIY tutorial for festive Easter bunny decorations

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Happy Easter!

Sarah Vanderkooy
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  • Judi Judi on Mar 31, 2024
    That is really cute....... Thanks for sharing!!
  • Katen Katen on Mar 31, 2024
    Of all the $1 tree things made with the bowls (and there have been many). This is my favorite. Does not look at all like stacked $1 tree bowls with lights, fountains or whatever. Looks like a spring time bunny. No hint of $1 tree