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A Two Pallet Chair ANYONE Can Build in a Jiffy!

I really wanted something unique to sit on outdoors. So rather than pick up a typical patio set at the hardware store, I hunted down two pallets instead and created my own outdoor sofa.
This thing took about 2 hours to build... It was that simple!
Time: 2 Hours Difficulty: Easy
This quirky, double wide sized pallet wood chair is all decked out, ready for a great summer read.
Two pallets, 4 legs and two armrest boards are really all it took. So easy! The trick is to ensure you find two pallets that are similar in size.
Let's add more quirk to make it totally yours! This signboard was used as an armrest. Note how wide the board is... perfect for my coffee cup. Priorities here...
This leg has an antique level attached. This project is a little like 'Where's Waldo's Wild Additions?'
Pallet markings were celebrated by placing them in prominent places. Coffee bean sacks acting like large pillow cases were just tucked in place. No sewing required.
For the legs, a little bracing was required inside the pallet so the leg had something to stabilize against.
Tell me that isn't one big cool chair to curl up in! But let's add some comfort...
5" foam cut to size (new from a foam shop) was key for the ultimate comfort.
This is the larger pallet SOFA I made last year, decked out in total bohemian style craziness. The blog link shows you more detail on how to create these cool sofas. Happy sitting to you!

To see more: http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/2013/05/a-cool-pallet-wood-chair-anyone-can-make-part-1.html

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