Growing Tomatoes in Five Gallon Buckets

Whether rich or poor or experiencing drought or heavy rains, you can grow tomatoes in a five-gallon bucket and a sunny location! It's cost effective and you can control the quality of the soil and the amount of water resulting in that oh-so-yummy warm tomato right out of the garden experience!
You can usually find someone to give you a five-gallon bucket or you can buy one for about $2.50 (Lowe's). Drill 4-5 holes on the bottom for drainage. Add some compost/soil that drains well followed by your tomato plant!
These plants are on my deck -- easy access to my water hose--but don't over water!! Tomatoes are sweeter when they are in dryer soil.
If your Five-Gallon-Tomato Plant sits on a wooden deck, add a drip tray so moisture doesn't get trapped underneath the bucket and rot the wood.
Tomatoes need to be caged or staked since they are berries and have a need to climb. If these do as well as I think, I may add stakes inside the cages so they can grow up up up!!!
Finally, this is what we're all looking forward to. Is there anything better?

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  • Ppi23354624
    on May 10, 2017

    i have given up raising tomatoes---not that I don't have good luck raising them, I do but I have the same problem every year---SNAKES!!! Every thing from rattle snakes to garter, to bull snakes ---what can I do??
  • Mfu28521910
    on Jul 29, 2017

    I have beautiful tomato plants 3 foot tall and no blooms for tomatoes yet?
  • Cindy Rubin
    on Aug 4, 2019

    How can I keep the squirrels and BIRDS away. Last year my tomatoes were either picked off the vine or pecked like crazy from the birds. Would the plants be hindered by a tighter mesh 'cage' ?

    • Mike Butler
      on May 17, 2020

      You can drape bird netting over the cage, and that will keep them out.

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