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Rake Head Bird Or Butterfly Feeder...

Let's create a rustic upcycled bird (or butterfly) feeder out of an old rake head.
You can find old rake heads in goodwill stores or yard sales...
After giving the rake a wash in water, use two large staple nails to attach to the top of the fence. The rake was a perfect fit between the pickets.
Add your fruit. I used tangelos as we have an enormous tree of this fruit.
Then sit with your cup of tea and watch... as the feathered friends enjoy.
These wee wax eye birds were ever so grateful to see this new feeding station , as it is mid winter here, and food is becoming scarce for them.

To see more: http://miabellapassion.blogspot.co.nz/2016/07/rake-head-bird-or-butterfly-feeder.html

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