The Eclectic Eggporeum - Junk Gardening at It's Finest...

The Eggporeum is my funky little shed; originally intended (and used) for my favorite Bantam chickens, now it's used as a garden shed/storage/funky garden vignette. The flip side of the coin is the modular green roof. Now that the chickens are gone, I can use this rustic garden shed for displaying all things bird themed in my garden; bird cages, nests and other bird-o-belia. If it has anything to do with birds, this is where you'll find it.Edited April 1 2014 - no, it's not an April Fools joke! This shed was featured in the April edition of New American Homesteader!
My collection of bird themed vintage stuff needed a place to be displayed. This is it!
The modular green roof was hard to get established - it's now been renovated twice. Hopefully, now the plants are in better compost, and I have a hose bib handy, it's going to take off and grow much better.
Luckily, the sandy soil was relatively easy to dig - it was still a ton of work. The floor is earthen, which is best for the chickens feet, and also to use the deep litter system. Now that there are no more inhabitants, this could change.

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    Drought Smart Plants

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