Homemade Fruit Fly Trap

3 Materials
1 Minute

Here’s a really useful eco-friendly trick to get of fruit flies. I hate fruit flies. Actually, I hate any bug that comes into my home, but fruit flies are the worst. Obviously, the first step to getting rid of them is to find the rotting fruit or vegetable and dispose of it, but sometimes those fruit flies just keep sticking around (and they multiply!). So when they wouldn't go away, I used apple cider vinegar and dish soap. I also used this great trick to get rid of the fruit flies from my veggie patch, so this trap works outdoors too.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

The problem. Yuck.

All you need is dish soap, apple cider vinegar, and a cup.

Step 2: Add Vinegar

Pour apple cider vinegar into your cup. This attracts the flies away from whatever they are eating/laying eggs in. (I shuddered as I wrote that.)

Step 3: Add Soap

All you need is a few drops of soap (I used more because it looked pretty in the video). This breaks the surface tension of the vinegar. That’s what allows the flies to walk on liquids.

Step 4: Let it Sit

It works pretty quickly, but if you need it for a long term problem you can just keep refilling the soap and vinegar every week or so. Eventually, the flies will get trapped under the soap.

Shoo fly, don’t bother me!

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Suggested materials:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Cup

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  • LaFonte
    on Jun 9, 2019

    How to get rid of roaches & ants in your home

    • Cheryl Green
      on Jun 13, 2019

      Dietomaceous earth can also get human grade so you can use on pets n inside home, cupboards, closets etc

  • Gloria F
    on Jun 10, 2019

    Do I need to stir the mixture to make a foam?

  • Sarah
    on Jun 25, 2019

    How much vinegar? You don't say 1 cup 1/4 cup 1/2cup. You say only a couple of drop of dish soap so I understand how much that is

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  • EasyAs123
    on Dec 4, 2018

    Thanks! I've used this method for 2 decades. One correction; too much liquid dish soap in video. It's only to be one {small} drop. That's all that is needed to break the surface tension in the water, so the fruit flies sink. Adding too much soap can prevent them being attracted.

  • Cesley
    on Jun 11, 2019

    I ran out of apple cider vinegar last week and only had white vinegar, so I improvised, we use honey for a lot of things and when I had an almost empty container, I poured the white vinegar into the container and used only a minuscule drop of soap as the honey helped to not only attract the flies but worked like the soap in the original recipe. It was the honey bear bottle tht has the single small opening so I also didn't need to put saran wrap over the top and poke holes small enough to get in but not out. It works awesome so that's MY new recipe! Hope it will work for others! 💪😉

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