Hiding a Ventilation in the Wall

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How cutting in a piece of paper can change a look
This is a ventilation through the wall to another room. I wonder why that's there, because there is no other door to another room with a ventilation above. I saw a post of a very smart lady who covered her ventilation with a wired artwork. Because I am all in krigami now (pop-up cards ed), her post brought me an idea. Maybe not a good one, because now your eye is attracted to it.
I took printer paper, glued a second sheet to become the surface of the ventilation. I put a stencil with flowers on it and went along the sides of the holes with a pencil. I duplicated the stencil on my paper. With a cutter I took out all those pieces that you normally paint. If you want letters or something in a specific direction, make your copy mirrored. Like that you cut on the backside of the paper and all lines from your pencil drawing become the backside.
I just glued with paper glue the paper on the ventilation. Now I wonder if this was such a good idea, but I had a lot of fun during a couple of hours. I leave it on until it falls off from itself or make a thin white frame around it?

Suggested materials:

  • Printer paper
  • Stencil of your choice or drawing.
  • Precision cutter
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