Over the Door Organizer Turned Bedside Storage

5 Materials
30 Minutes

If you like to keep a good book by the bed, or store anything bedside, this easy repurpose project is right up your alley! I have some nightstands by the bed, but this guy can store much more and is an easy arms reach beside you! You can grab a cheap over the door organizer, and with a simple cut down the middle and some grommets and ribbon create a great bedside storage unit. This will give you storage on both sides of the bed and a variety of pockets to keep things neat and tidy.

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Get materials: first you'll need an over-The-Door Organizer , a ribbon , scissors, eyelets and applicator and finally fabric Glue.

Also, make sure to check out other organizer ideas in the DIY organization project page!
STEP 1: Cut the over-the-door storage unit in half width wise. Make sure you don't cut the bottom of the pocket you are slicing through as you will need it. If you do you can glue a piece of ribbon around the bottom so that it replaced the bottom of the pocket so that you can still store things inside.
STEP 2: The over-the-door storage unit I bought had grommets on one side so that you could hang it from hooks. Since I cut it in half the other side needed grommets for a future step. Take your grommets or eyelets and the applicator tool and apply them to either side of the top of the unit.
STEP 3: Cut two pieces of ribbon the width of the bed you will be adding storage to plus an extra 12". Feed each of the ribbon pieces through the eyelets/grommets you just added to the one side.
STEP 4: Tie the ribbon in a knot around the grommet so it stays in place.
STEP 5: Place the one side of the unit that you just added ribbons to on one side of the bed and feed the ribbon through to the other side of the mattress underneath. Lift up the mattress and pull the ribbon through to the other side.
STEP 6: Feed the two ribbons through the grommets on the other half of the unit.
STEP 7: Now place this half of the storage partially under the mattress and position it so that it hangs where you wish, just as you did on the other side with the other half.
STEP 8: Now tie the ribbons that were fed through the grommets in knots so that it is secured into place.
STEP 9: Now just tuck all your books and bedside treasures away in the pockets.
Pleas ignore this ridiculous brown bedskirt. I know I have mentioned before that I have been working on redoing my bedroom and I have yet to find a bedskirt I want, so for now I have this old one from my sister... I must say though that this thing is going to be super handy.
My husband is so excited about this stinkin thing. He also just got a bunch of books for Christmas so it will be serving it's purpose right off the bat.
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14 questions
  • PJ
    on Jan 2, 2017

    how do you get to see it. there is nothing but a materials list and i have clicked everything insight but still no photos!

    • Ppo10883674
      on Jan 2, 2017

      I've seen a picture at each step, with a picture of the finished project at the end. Could there be a problem with your pc's connection?

    • Joan KE
      Joan KE
      on Jan 2, 2017

      In my opinion , this is one of the best as in most useful items I have seen on this site..

    • Jackie
      on Jan 2, 2017

      PJ, I see all the pics also, it must be your computer. Sometimes pictures take a while to load too.

    • Carol
      on Jan 2, 2017

      Probably your internet service. We suffer this all the time. We are told we are off grid and that is the best we will get..thank you A T &T😡

    • Donna Marie
      Donna Marie
      on Jan 2, 2017

      Love this idea. Going to find one of those organizers. Excellent for someone who is bedridden. We have the same problem with internet . it's our location, not the cable company's fault.

    • Bbc10296812
      on Jan 2, 2017

      Switch browsers! If you're using Internet Explorer, that's likely your problem in viewing the photos. Try Chrome or Firefox.

    • Laura Previte
      Laura Previte
      on Jan 2, 2017

      Happens to me all the time!! I can usually fix it by clicking on the next idea and then going back to it. I use Firefox, by the way, so I don't think it's your browser.

    • Patti
      on Dec 30, 2017

      Sorry is this about your browser or the project. Don't mean to be negative just saying.
    • Susan
      on Sep 13, 2019

      It’s great for storing books, tissue, eyeglasses, cell phone, and a flashlight! We did something similar after an earthquake.

  • NanJWeeks
    on Jan 2, 2017


  • Liz
    on Jan 3, 2017

    I'm fascinated by your quilt. Please give us the story about it! I've got a quilt that my Grandmother made & dearly love it. Thanks!

    • Shawna Bailey
      Shawna Bailey
      on Jan 3, 2017

      I've got one from my grandmother too!

    • Nevilda
      on Jan 3, 2017

      I was eyeing that myself. I have numerous ones my grandmother made and one from my great grandmother. Priceless.

    • Melissa V
      Melissa V
      on Jan 5, 2017

      Me too!...(or four?) I have several and I am amazed at the intricate detail especially on one my great-grandmother made-Amazing!!!

    • Joy Duncan Kutt
      Joy Duncan Kutt
      on Jan 5, 2017

      I make what I call utility quilts or quilts to be used and laundered and used some more. I noticed the quilt first thing and my honest to goodness first thought was, "WOW, look at the love in that quilt"!

  • Marii Edwards
    Marii Edwards
    on Jan 3, 2017

    One can also simply sew this organizer using up your scrap material which is what I will do. Thanks for the idea I certainly can use it.

    • Shawna Bailey
      Shawna Bailey
      on Jan 4, 2017

      Good idea!

    • Carey
      on Jan 6, 2017

      I made one similar to this for my couch with a piece of upholstery fabric. I made a pocket that could hold a small book or magazine, pockets for the remotes and a fingernail file. Basically things that I want close at hand. I made it in an oval shape with the pockets on one half and the other half slips under the couch pillow. I also put half a doily over the half with the pockets like an envelope flap, so that the effect was decorative. I have used it for years and really appreciate how handy it is.

    • Darla DiRusso
      Darla DiRusso
      on Nov 4, 2017

      Ive made several over the years from 2 quilted placemats. Fold one in half ( or cut and finish cut edge with ribbon or bias tape) . Stitch the half mat to the full one along the three outer edges, leaving opening across the middle. Tuck the single end between mattress and boxspring, leaving open pocket hanging over the edge. I usually divide up the pocket so theres a dedicated slot for glasses or remote control and a larger space for a book. So convenient, quick and easy. And a way to reuse "retired" or thrift store placemats.
    • Katen
      on Sep 5, 2019

      I forgot this one! Lillian Vernon used to sell years ago. But those were shallow. This is much better for depth (plus mattresses are thicker now). Yes I’d make one using what is on hand, but I sew a lot. For non or minimum sewers this is good idea.

    • Heje
      on Sep 5, 2019

      This is a "stinkin" good idea. Thanks and please continue to share more of your creative ideas.

  • Pam
    on Jan 5, 2017

    What size grommets did you use?

    • Amanda C, Hometalk Team
      Amanda C, Hometalk Team
      on Jan 5, 2017

      I used some that were super tiny! I actually used eyelets because I had them on hand. You could certainly use any size within reason. I believe the ones that were already attached to the storage unit were about 1/2" so I would say anything that size or smaller would do.

  • Margaret Green
    Margaret Green
    on Dec 30, 2017

    Was this an actual over the door organizer or a toiletry travel bag? I've never seen regular over door organizers that would be that short and have such few pockets.
    • Heartbeat
      on Jan 25, 2018

      I have one hanging on the back of my bedroom door I keep my sandals in the pockets. It's a Set up with hooks that go over the door, like a wreath hook
    • Cat7634217
      on Aug 29, 2019

      Just click her link above, It will take you straight to the item at Amazon.

    • Susan
      on Sep 6, 2019

      I don’t know. It I know for a fact you can buy bed organizers like this pretty cheap. There with the college dorm season stuff. I have them in my house.

  • EasyAs123
    on Sep 5, 2019

    That bed cover is a disaster. Why would you leave it a ratty mess and not fix it? But trying to concoct random things to fix (?). Can't see the forest for the trees.

    • Denise
      on Sep 6, 2019

      Just wow! I still

      have a blanket that belong to my grandmother 40 years ago and I love it

    • Elizabeth Laymon
      Elizabeth Laymon
      on Sep 6, 2019

      Wow nothing good to say keep the mouth shut

    • Meem Kaplan
      Meem Kaplan
      on Sep 6, 2019

      We do what we can as we can. If that is her beloved blanket, so be it. I love that she shared this great idea with us and your comment could stop other people from sharing their ideas. Please re-think responding like this.

    • Maggie
      on Sep 6, 2019

      You should see the beloved ratty bedspread on my bed right now! It has huge sentimental value, and I'll use it until it's shredded. My grandmother made it decades ago and from all of the quilts she made, it's the one she chose to use to cover her own bed. It's the only one I remember seeing on her bed, and I am over 70 yrs old.

      "Spread" the love!

    • Nancy Mitchell
      Nancy Mitchell
      on Sep 6, 2019

      I can see you don’t go to Pottery Barn or some of the fancy shops..the ravelled edge is EXPENSIVE and popular..I love it all even the brown bedskirt.

    • Rory McBean
      Rory McBean
      on Sep 6, 2019

      Hah! The quilt on my bed IS in shreds! My great grandfather made it some 40 years ago from leftover materials my mom gave him that were scraps from the clothes she made for us!

    • Wid11273006
      on Sep 6, 2019

      I love the bed spreads, the threads shown hanging down, the colors, patterns on pillows and the project! But if I didn't, I would have to be pretty miserable to respond in such a manner. It really is unnecessary to stir the pot constantly. Have you ever tried just counting to 10?

    • Christine Cantrell
      Christine Cantrell
      on Sep 7, 2019

      I love the bedspread! And everything you shared, thank you!

    • Jude Lunsford
      Jude Lunsford
      on Sep 8, 2019

      I have a hand stitched quilt on our bed that's over 70 years old. I can afford what any mall or online retail offers, but it's priceless and so unique to me. A matter of taste I guess....

    • Pamela
      on Sep 9, 2019

      Thank you great storage idea, especially if small room and no room for nightstand. To the rude individual you should not go on others page if you can't be nice.

    • Megan
      on Sep 12, 2019

      That’s the design of it.

    • Jeannie
      on Sep 12, 2019


    • Tammy Roads
      Tammy Roads
      on Sep 12, 2019

      I love her blanket. It looks like a lot of work and live went into the making.

      To each their own. I bet this blanket gives her joy, and that's much more important than how it looks to others!

      Go troll on facebook Felicia

    • Pam Moritz-Piatt
      Pam Moritz-Piatt
      on Sep 12, 2019

      It's a quilt!!! Eventually all hand made quilts look like this!!! Because they are LOVED!!

    • Susan
      on Sep 12, 2019

      Wow, smdh.😑

    • Christina Hotchkiss
      Christina Hotchkiss
      on Sep 12, 2019

      we have a quilt that looks worn like that on our bed. It was made by my husbands great grandmother. Every frayed string is a look at the hard work and hand stitching that was put into it. You don’t just throw that away. Well, if you have any appreciation for history and family. To each their own I guess.

    • Devin
      on Sep 12, 2019

      Worry about your own bed and enjoy the nifty idea

    • Trisha
      on Sep 12, 2019

      Isn’t it so easy to pick apart and find fault in someone else rather than seeing something positive? Your life must be so perfect >:o

    • Pam
      on Sep 12, 2019

      Maybe it has sentimental value. I treasure the quilts my grandmas made me.

    • Susan
      on Sep 12, 2019

      Heirloom quilts are awesome. They are well loved. And...this is a cool idea.

    • Deborah Noland Brown
      Deborah Noland Brown
      on Sep 12, 2019

      I agree. I think it’s very vintage looking and some like the look. Some people just have to speak their mind no matter what. They haven’t yet learned that not voicing their opinion won’t make the world stop turning...because they’ve not yet tried it.

    • Deborah Noland Brown
      Deborah Noland Brown
      on Sep 12, 2019

      This was my response to another answer to this post, not the question directly above mine.

    • Cathy Little
      Cathy Little
      on Sep 12, 2019

      Not everyone can live in your perfect world easyas123. Sad sad sad life you live! My grandmother was a quilter. Old quilts are beautiful...her idea is perfect!!

    • Chris Goodman
      Chris Goodman
      on Sep 12, 2019


    • Jan
      on Nov 3, 2019

      WOW!!!! 😳😳

  • Lyn
    on Sep 11, 2019

    Why don't you just dye your bed skirt? If you want a lighter color, Rit makes a color remover. Do that first, and then you can dye it any color you want.

  • Douglas
    on Sep 12, 2019

    Why not just tuck the book between the mattress and boxsping?

    • Annemarie
      on Sep 12, 2019

      Really?? I'm sure she knows that. I love the side bed pockets.

    • Thomas
      on Sep 12, 2019

      Yeah....could do that with tge3 book.....but cant stick tv controls or anything else under the mattress. This is a good idea

    • Patricia
      on Sep 12, 2019

      Because it won't stay, believe me

    • Laurie Foster Young
      Laurie Foster Young
      on Sep 13, 2019

      Because, my dear Douglas, we are women. We like to have our things close by and convenient. A good nest needs more than just a place for a book. Have you ever been allowed to look into a woman's purse or bag. They are magical! This is a very useful organization necessity!

  • Marlene Yauornik
    Marlene Yauornik
    on Sep 12, 2019

    I like the idea but what makes it from slipping out from under the mattress?

    • Joan
      on Sep 12, 2019

      There are 2 storage units connected together with the ribbon on both sides of the bed.

    • Jennifer
      on Sep 12, 2019

      The ribbon keeps it from one side storage bag....connected to the other bag on the other side..... only way is if ribbon unties. idea used in bed rails too for some beds.

    • Geri
      on Sep 12, 2019

      The weight of mattress and you.

    • Tammy Morris
      Tammy Morris
      on Sep 12, 2019

      You have to read all the instructions. The organizer is cut in half. Each half for each side of bed. Tied together.

  • Marie
    on Sep 12, 2019

    I like it and the skirt.

  • Barbara Cooper
    Barbara Cooper
    on Sep 12, 2019

    I really like this! Thank you!!

  • Mary
    on Sep 12, 2019

    This is brilliant! Do you use Velcro?

    • Carlene Williams Johnson
      Carlene Williams Johnson
      on Sep 12, 2019

      No she used ribbon long enough to reach to the other side n attached it to another organizer (it looks like). It looks like u could use Velcro instead. Great idea.

    • Faith
      on Oct 7, 2020

      this looks cool

  • Sue Pettit
    Sue Pettit
    on Sep 15, 2019

    Would this work for my 🛋?

    • Nancy
      on Jun 7, 2020

      I had to really enlarge that little sofa symbol to figure out what you were talking about. LOL!! You could probably fashion one to go over the arm of your sofa and secure it under your cushion. Unless you want one on each end of your sofa, then do the ribbon trick.

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  • Dawn Schmidt
    Dawn Schmidt
    on Jul 28, 2020

    Love this! I hate putting a big side table next to beds as I'd rather opt for style. But we all know we have "things" that we need to keep close by @bedtime

  • Diane
    on Oct 25, 2020

    i think that is a great project you’ve done, I believe you are equally talented to make a bed skirt the color you want as well, just use old one as a pattern?? 🤗 I believe in you! Go for it.

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