Photo Key Holder

Memeories stir up happy thoughts. So why not enter your home and place your keys on a photo key holder? Add photos of those in your life that hold the keys to your heart!
For three years now, my daughter has required around the clock care and I love creating something personalized for her nurses as Christmas gifts. So this year, I decided to create a key holder that also holds pictures of those that hold the keys to their hearts :)
I started by wiping off all the wood planks to ensure they were dry so the paint and glue would stick. Then I painted all of the clothes pins that will eventually act as the photo holders. (Tip: be sure to open the clothes pin and paint those areas too for best show).
Then it was time to attach the hooks. To ensure proper placement, I lined up some spare clothes pins to make sure my spacing was how I wanted it to look. Once I determined where I wanted the hooks placed, I used my drill to secure them onto the wood plank. (There are several different types of hooks at the local hardware store to choose from ... pick what fits your project best).
Next, free-hand painted the simple word "keys." You can get as creative as you want here ... add names, quotes, special dates, words or phrases.
After the paint was completely dry, I took 3 of my clothes pins that I painted earlier, and attached them using my glue gun. *Key Tip: make sure your clothes pins are attached upside down so they can be opened and act as the photo holder! Also, remember when spacing the clothes pins that they are going to hold a photo ... make sure they are far enough apart so the photos you add don't overlap.
Add any embellishments you wish! I got glued some keys that were left at the house we just bought. Don't worry, they didn't go to anything!
Lastly, I hot glued a piece of storng twine to the back to make a holder so the recipients could hang it up on a wall. Add some personal photos and you are done!
Bring some warm memories to your home by making one for your entry way. And bonus ... it's a lot harder to loose your keys if they are always in the same spot ... I would know ;)

Suggested materials:

  • Wood plank (cut to desired length  (I had some left over from projects.)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Strong twine (to hang key holder)  (Local craft store)
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  • Giorgia
    on Jan 3, 2017

    super cute

  • Julia Johnson Black
    on Feb 12, 2017

    What a cool project for the grandkids. Making gifts for their parents and aunts and uncles. Christmas gifts made with on hand items and love. 💖💖💖

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