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Fairy Light Jars

What do you get when you add: a set of three large mason jars, LED string lights, and burlap together? Pure Fairy Light Holiday Magic! Here's more information about the lights: http://makinglemonadeblog.com/holiday-party-tips-ideas-decor/
This set of three HUGE mason jars can be found at Kirkland's, and are just begging to be illuminated!
The kids think they look like fireflies, so this idea could easily carry into summer as well.
I taped the top of an LED light string to the lid with washi tape, carefully dropped the battery box to the bottom of the jar, and covered it with burlap. Yes, you'll have to reach into the jar to turn it on/off but it only take a moment. :)
These LED string lights can be found on Amazon, or other hardware or lighting retailers. There's a direct link on my blog to find the highest rated lights for this project!
These jars bring such illumination and light into our dining room that we've been dining with them on for days.
They make a perfect and magical addition to your holiday buffet.
Wishing you a magical holiday season! Get all the details and lots for gorgeous lighting ideas over on my blog!

To see more: http://makinglemonadeblog.com/holiday-party-tips-ideas-decor/

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