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Building A Dining Table

Our son and his wife wanted to new dining table so I volunteered my husband and I to make one as their Christmas gift. We had fun choosing wood and putting it all together!

It turned out to be more expensive than we thought due to the oak boards. This price also includes a matching bench with the same materials that we have not made yet. I just lumped the entire thing together.

Time: 5 Days Cost: $250.00 Difficulty: Medium

We used pine for the bottom portion of the table and Jeff picked up cedar 4x4 posts for the legs. They were nice and light. We knew this table would be pretty heavy so it was a good choice.

We started with a frame then added pieces of 1x2 to span across the frame to attach the oak boards to to create the table top.

We used screws in the corners but made plugs to hide them.

This photo shows the plug but after putty and sanding they were invisible.

Our son wanted the legs to be removable so he could transport it and move it easily. Jeff used large carriage bolts so they could be removed and re-attached fairly easily.

The photo below includes the base and the legs after they were painted. This color is so pretty. It is called Sea Glass from Dixie Belle Paint Co. This paint really was a dream. It went on so nicely and I added a second coat just around the outside edges and the legs for extra protection. It didn't really even need it. Dixie Belle Paint Co. provided the paint in exchange for my blog post but you can find the Sea Glass and other colors (affiliate] here.

Next came the table top. We used 1x8 pieces of oak. Jeff sanded them and then we stained them with Red Mahogany from Minwax for the stain.

After the stain was dry and set we started with the middle two boards and added them to the base one at a time. We added a ton of screws to keep it strong.

This picture shows the first board going in. The wood clamps helped to keep it in place.

This next photo shows the last board going in. We did it!

We applied three coats of Polyshades to the top for protection. Before the last coat we used really fine steel wool to buff it out. It turned out gorgeous!

What do you think? We loved it but more importantly they were trilled to death and couldn't wait to get it home.

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Materials used for this project:

  • Oak Boards (1x8)   (Menards)
  • Pine boards (1x4 and 1x2)   (local building center)
  • Cedar 4x4 posts (8 ft long cut in half)   (local building center)
See all materials

To see more: http://michellejdesigns.com/how-to-make-a-dining-table-as-pretty-as-all-that/

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