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Ornate Mirror Makeover

Recently I acquired this huge, chunky, really dated gold mirror. Be honest, would you want that to hang this in your house? Oh yes, I know. Gold is making a comeback (so they say), but I don't believe it's going to be a 'in your face' 'here I am' kind of gold. I think it's going to be more subtle. So obviously, this beast needed a makeover!
ornate mirror makeover
So here is the before picture. Let's just get going here. I know chalk paint requires no prep work, right? Well yes, but you still need to scrub that baby down. You don't want to paint over 70+ years of dirt.
We've grabbed everything we found, from wire brush to vegetable brush, to a rag over a screwdriver...... You get the picture..... And we gave it a good scrub-down.
ornate mirror makeover
The next step was creating the base coat, so we've painted the entire frame with Heirloom Traditions Paint (HTP) in Black Bean.
Be prepared to use every brush in your arsenal for this step. You see in the picture that we've used a chip brush. We've also used a chalk paint brush & several smaller artist brushes. This thing is so detailed & had so many high & lows, and you want to make sure that you cover every little bit of gold!
ornate mirror makeover
So this is after 2 nice & thick coats HTP Black Bean. Make sure to stipple your paint on, creating lots of texture & eliminating brush strokes.

Now we've added an extra step here that will save you some headache. Chalk paint can be wet distressed, so whatever you use over this paint could possibly distress the black paint, making the gold appear. And we didn't want this to happen. Which means we went ahead and sealed the paint before moving on. We've used HTP topcoat in flat for that. Just one coat for protection!

Right now it's looking pretty gothic, isn't it?
ornate mirror makeover
Now right here it gets to be fun & creative. We've drybrushed HTP Repose over the entire area.

Man, it's looking so much better already, but it just didn't have that WOW factor yet we we're looking for.
ornate mirror makeover
So we've picked up the Metallic Masters Tarnished Silver top coat & painted it all over the frame. Making sure to hit all the nooks & crannies.

This it's we're the entire finish started to POP! Oh me, oh my!!!
ornate mirror makeover
ornate mirror makeover
Now we couldn't just leave things be here. So as a final touch, we've decided to add some Rub & Buff Silver Leaf. We just lightly kissed the highs on the finish!

And voila! We had our WOW factor finish we we're looking for!!!

It's a stunning pewter finish, & believe it or not, the pictures don't do it any justice!!!
ornate mirror makeover
ornate mirror makeover
We hope you find this tutorial informative and hope you try this gorgeous finish for yourself.

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We are on Facebook as Serendipity Designs, you can give us a like at www.facebook.com/serendipitydesigns2013

We would love to see your take on this method, so please message us some pictures of your finished projects.

Suggested materials:

  • HTP Black Bean
  • HTP Repose
  • HTP Metallic Masters Tarnished Silver Topcoat
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  • Brenda
    on Apr 19, 2019

    Wow,such a work of art, beautiful. I enjoyed your time to share your talent and time. What a blessing to have such,an eye for beautiful thing.

  • Jodie White
    on May 4, 2019

    This reminds me of a fun, cheap project that would go great with this, and you'd already have the resources! Only problem is it icky comes out at Halloween!

    See, at Halloween, Dollar Tree puts out these small, eerie pictures. They are in these plastic, vintage looking frames. People have done similar projects to this, so they can use it year-round. I would think you could add a small mirror. If not, just add your own picture.

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