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Gold Mirror Makeover With Chalk Paint

We have a mirror I’ve had since the 70s. Octagonal, gold frame, beveled glass. It’s been a good mirror. I’ve used it in halls, over mantels, in bathrooms. Good size for many locations. It’s versatile.

gold mirror makeover with chalk paint
It’s now dated and shabby. And not in a chic-y shabby way. Just stained and a tacky shabby. Like everything we’ve done the past year, I have no “before” pictures, although this will give you an idea of how it looked.
gold mirror makeover with chalk paint
I picked up a quart of Annie Sloan paint in French Linen. There are two wax colors available: dark and clear. I chose the dark.
gold mirror makeover with chalk paint
I gave the full mirror a single coat. Let it dry about 20 minutes. Repainted several spots that bled through. Waited 20 more minutes. Repainted a few places again. I don’t think this was any fault of Annie Sloan’s.

I chose the dark wax. It chocolaty and thick. I wiped it on with one rag, then wiped off the excess with another, clean one. Don’t cover a large area, then go back and wipe it off. It doesn’t dry on contact, but you want a smooth, continuous finish.
gold mirror makeover with chalk paint
This is a tiny bathroom, with no other light than over the sink and no window. It fits in this little alcove perfectly.

But, best of all, it is still a versatile mirror. It would go nicely anywhere.

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Suggested materials:

  • Annie Sloan Paint & Wax  (Specialty shop)
  • Good condition, old mirror  (already owned)

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  • Jgl7933775
    on Jul 20, 2017

    I love this finish.beautiful. Now I've got to try it
  • Susan W Bosscawen
    on Jul 21, 2017

    The paint is expensive, but after completion, could barely tell any was missing. It's been 2 years in a bathroom vanity and held up well. Thanks for writing. We'd love to have you join us at Come visit.
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