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Rag Rug From Scrap Fabrics

Have you ever wanted to make your own durable, cozy and handmade rug? Here is an idea by a friend of mine who is handy with the needle. This rug is made from scrap fabric and you can use everything from faded t-shirts, old out-of-style clothing to curtains, linens, tops, ribbons and others.
Items you will need:
Fabric Scraps;
Squared paper;
Permanent marker pens in multiple colours;
Hessian (15 cm larger than your desired rug size);
Sharp Scissors;
Tape measure or ruler;
A Large needle;
Thick cotton cord;
A small latch hook;
For more instructions, follow the link below.
Time: 2 Months Cost: $50 Difficulty: Medium

To see more: http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/a-rag-rug-from-scrap-fabrics

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