DIY Hearth Pad for Wood Stove

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The hubby decided he wants a wood stove in our house, and we looked around first for pre-made hearth pads and they just seem... old looking and costs about $300-$600 which was just too much for us to spend... so we set out to make our own 4x4 hearth pad!
Step 1: Find the tile that you want and dry fit on the area, that way you can make measurements on building the frame.
Step 2: Build the frame! T he hubby used 2x4 wood he got for 70% off at Home Depot to build the frame.

Step 3: Nail the HardieBacker cement board to the frame... and eventually the frame itself to the floor so that it doesn't move.
Step 4: Once everything is screwed and in place, its time to mix the mortar and put them on the HardieBacker and set the tiles. We used Mapei Ultraflex LFT mortar and used 1/8 inch spacers in between. The tile was $1.79 per square feet too which was a good price for a modern looking tile!
Step 5: Cut the tile for the sides with a tile cutter and dry fit those to make sure that they fit pretty decently. Use mortar to stick them to the wood frame and don't forget to use spacers in here too!
Step 6: Time to grout! We used our leftover grout from our previous tiling the house project. Surprised after 1 year that it was still usable!
Step 7: Grout between the lines -- I used a concrete trowel to push the grout in, and afterwards clean up with a bucket of water and sponge.
And this is the finished product! A lot more modern looking than the ones that are available for sale online.
Side view of the hearth pad for wood stove.

Breakdown cost:
Clearance wood = $10
Tile - 10 pieces @ $1.79 = 17.90
Hardiebacker =$13
Ultraflex Mortar = $15 for a whole bag, used probably less than 1/2... so $7.50?
Flexcolor Grout = Free from previous projects

If you would like to see how to make the accent wall for the wood stove, check this link :)
And this is the stove on top of the hearth pad :D

Suggested materials:

  • Tile  (Floor and Decor)
  • Hardiebacker  (Floor and Decor)
  • Mapei UltraFlex LFT Mortar  (Floor and Decor)
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