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Sometimes you think a room looks good until you realize just how plain it really is. That was the case with my dining room. I love the Glam look. I love the Sparkles and the elegant look. So I decided to transform my dining room into a glam masterpiece. In one day I transformed my dining room from a plain Jane room to something that I absolutely love! And I get non-stop compliments. It's easy but a little time consuming and I know you can do it! Here are the steps to achieve this do-over:
  1. Tape off your corners, ceiling, and baseboard.
  2. Paint your accent wall a deep rich Jewel tone color. Don't be shy. I chose a smokey Navy listed here.
  3. Next I chose a sterling silver paint but to make it really Shimmer when the light hit it I added a glitter to the paint before stenciling.
  4. Starting in the exact middle of your wall at the top tape the stencil down.
  5. Take a small amount of silver paint that has been poured onto a paper plate and dip your stiff brush in. Lightly dab excess off on the paper plate.
  6. Now the fun begins. Firmly stipple over the stencil. I did a semi firm tapping motion to make the silver finish opaque.
  7. Remove the stencil and place below your first stencil application. From there I would go to opposite sides of a dried stencil. That way you avoid smudges.
  8. You might have some areas that the stencil will not fit. Leave those areas for last. They are usually the corners of the wall. Once you have completed the entire wall cut the stencil and continue stippiling.
  9. Voila! You are done and have an amazing Glam wall to show off to everyone!
Paint your accent wall a deep rich Jewel tone color. Don't be shy. I chose a smokey Navy listed here.
This is the sterling silver craft paint I used.
This is the silver Sparkle I added to the silver paint for added light reflection.
This is the firm brush I used to stipple the silver paint over the stencil with
this is the stencil I used
Paint your wall with a deep base coat.
Starting in the exact middle of your wall at the top tape the stencil down.
Keep moving the stencil next to a dried application.
So this is the dining room before...
This is the Glam wall finished !! It has changed the entire Dynamic and feell of the dining room

Suggested materials:

  • Paint  (Target)
  • Silver craft paint  (Michaels)
  • Silver glitter paint additive  (Target)
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  • Rina Maria Mee
    on Aug 30, 2017

    I have a paneling 1/2 way up the walls in my diingroom. Do you think using this technique on the entire upper half of my walls would be too much? I love really like it and vCard think it would work.
    • Jacx
      on Aug 30, 2017

      Yes, leave the panelling painted white and then do the upper wall in that lovely dramatic way!
  • Carol A. Kaine
    on Sep 10, 2017

    Where can I purchase a stencil like this? I looked in a few craft type stores like Hobby Lobby, Jo Ann's, but there was nothing I wanted to use on a wall. Can you recommrnd a store that would have similar stencils? Thank you. Carol
  • Jill Utech
    on Sep 20, 2017

    My room has wood trim with a shelf edge all along the whole room the top and bottom is now 2 different colors also have brick fireplace I'm thinking white wash fireplace didn't know about about walls with the wood trim that has shelping edge could I do same color top and bottom or would it look better with 2 different colors ?
    • Lori Cohen
      on Sep 21, 2017

      Hi Jill! I think white washing your brick wall is a great start. Next I would definitely do the top and bottom trim white. That way when you paint the wall the dramatic look will look phenomenal and really stand out. Sounds like it's going to be an awesome project. Please post your finished result I would love to see it! If you have an any other questions please let me know! Good luck!

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  • Nicolette Venia
    on Feb 26, 2018

    I've seen this wall in person and it's incredible! Pictures don't do justice such a fantastic idea!

    • Lori Cohen
      on Feb 26, 2018

      Thank you so much Nicolet! Your comment means so much to me! If I could only be half as talented as you are I would be so lucky!

  • Carol Cole
    on Aug 24, 2019

    OMGOSH , what a great job. By the way I love that mirror.

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