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With little to no money i have always tried to make use of what i already have instead of buying new.. all i had to use was a load of pallets for some privacy between mine and my neighbours garden.
on one very hot day ,I started running the pallets along the small chain-link fence dividing mine and my neighbours garden using the fence posts that were already there and putting steaks down inside either end of each pallet and into the ground to give a bit more strength. I Nearly died of sunstroke! (id advise not doing this in that kinda weather btw) but the worst of the job is done but not totally finished. I want to run something along the top of the fence to straighten it a bit more and make it a little higher.
I have also included a couple of pics of a bench i made weeks earlier (just make-do for now), its surprising how much more uniform/tidier it can make something look when its painted all in the same colour so i painted both the fence and the seating the same..
im going to keep improving on the fence (and bench) so there may be more pics in the future, any ideas would be welcome
but for now i am one very knackered 45 yr old single parent with 101 other jobs on the go and am much in need of a rest
Please be kind as i am beyond nervous showing this to anyone other than friends  and bare in mind this is very low budget but i do love creating something out of nothing whenever possible!. the only thing i spent money on was the paint which was £5 from Wilko's for a 5 litre tub! .Thanks for reading
The chain-link fence i wanted to cover
this was after the garden had been cleared of all sorts of rubbish and i had just finished putting grass seed down. i wanted to create a bit of privacy along the left-hand side

getting everything in place
the grass has now grown-in. I ran pallets along using the posts that were already there and putting steaks down through the inside of each pallet and into the ground to give added strength. some pallets were already painted from being used for another project before but still needed another good coat this time round
halfway through making the bench
this took two and a half pallets , the bench is 3 pallets high. i put one pallet on top the other, then cut another half a pallet for the back of the seat, then attached with screws wherever needed and a long piece of wood running from the top of the bench to the bottom on either side for added strength. apologies there aren't more pics of this part .
As you can see i filled any gaps in the seat with more pallet wood , sanded and painted. i just wish i had more pallets! this bench is solid and with a coat of paint should last a long time, and also cost me nothing.
after a first coat of paint
theres also a little chair made for my grandchildren by my youngest son (hes 12) and did a grand job! . im unsure if im gonna paint the bottom of the bench just because its so fiddly to get into (should have done that before assembling!) but its to your own taste i suppose, i'm happy for now..
need ideas for the top now
finished fence. this side of the garden is around 8 metres long and i used 9 pallets, costing the grand total of £0 , i was given mine but you can pick them up all over, most places throw them out, google and second-hand websites are good for finding people advertising them free. i know its not to everyone's taste but this fence suits my garden (very natural, with lots of trees and wildlife ) so even if i could have afforded it i don't think id have gotten anything too modern and streamline. The great thing is it serves its purpose and i think with some trellis or planting along the top it could look much better. Ideas please!!.. (and please be nice.. first-time posting )

Suggested materials:

  • Pallets  (for free)
  • Paint  (Wilko's)

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  • Adriana
    on Sep 17, 2017

    How dif you actually attach the pallets to the existing fence?
    • Leslie
      on Jun 21, 2018

      Hi Adriana, I was thinking the same thing but when I reread the post I think rebar would work too. Just get it long enough to support the pallets. You will one for each pallet side that meets or maybe for extra strength two. Also not sure but where the two pallets meet you can sink a fence post or similar into cement and screw or nail the pallet to the post.

  • Sheila Shaler
    on Sep 17, 2017

    Where do you get all of your pallets??
    This loks GREAT...I did a chain link cover upwith grape stakeyears ago but you cannot find grape stake anymore, or so it seems AND it was NOT free. I like the cost of your better and the final look IS beautiful. BUT again where doyou ge pallets?? Thans for sharing.
    • Jacquelyn
      on May 4, 2019

      Many times if you check with manufacturing places they throw them out just call around and ask these places if you might have several of them! If they are throwing them out you will be doing them a favor so they dont have to pay for them to be hauled away! Good luck anyone looking for pallets!!! There are so many pallet crafts now! They are really awsome!

  • Jan Burton Marino
    on Sep 18, 2017

    Did you come up with a gate idea, as well?!
    • Zena walker
      on Oct 18, 2018

      Hi Jan , sorry not been around for a while, had some personal issues to attend to but to answer your question.. no i never did make a gate but maybe that will be something for next years projects  and Leslie Thanks for the lovely comment ,look forward to seeing your projects x

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  • Kate
    on Mar 13, 2019

    Great idea!! I love your fence! I've been looking for something to put as a fence along my backyard to keep critters out n nosey neighbors. If you figure out a way to make it higher I'd like to see it.

    • Bernadette
      on Mar 14, 2019

      Cut them in half to give them the length your looking for. Would add a new design

  • Debra
    on Jul 3, 2019

    This is fabulous I really need a fence but it’s so expensive what a fabulous idea !! Thanks

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