Address Sign

3 Materials
2 Hours

Bold address sign to attach/ hang on your house or a tree/post or simply leave standing on your porch floor. This is approximately 4 ft tall with 3 inch numbers.

I am so bad about taking pictures but being on the easy side, hopefully y'all can see how to make one yourself.

Paint: Whatever color combination you want. Plus, polyurethane to protect from the elements.

These are good for housewarming gifts, wedding gifts or even at Christmas. They are a quick, anytime gift or make one for yourself.
You will need a 1"x6"x4' board or if you use pallet wood, whatever combination of boards to accommodate your numbers. You can get this cut at Home Depot or Lowes and only have to pay for what you need!! For the top "roof" you can just ask the paint department for a couple stir sticks...they work great and are free!! Cut your paint sticks to make the roof. Attached with glue and a brad nail. I glued both numbers and stars along with a small brad nail to make sure they stayed put.
The numbers: I have no patience in cutting out letters and numbers so I bought them. I found this great place that does nothing but numbers and letters in any size and font you want. $$ is accordingly but really not expensive unless you get HUGE numbers. It's called Woodland Mfg.
OR you can get what you want from Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Michael's or from Amazon. Ordering individual letters can be frustrating unless you get directly from the store.
Stars: Are from Amazon. 25/4" stars - plenty for future projects. The top star is the colors of the Dutch flag but the American flag can be used of course.
Emblems: I printed the football emblems off the computer. I used ModPog to adhere and then to top coat them. I don't think I could legally sell the emblems but as long as they are for you, I think all is well.
Paint: Whatever color combination you want. Plus, polyurethane to protect from the elements.
Basically, the only tools you need is a jigsaw for cutting your wood peak or - just ask the people at Home Depot or Lowes...they may be able to accommodate your request. They are all pretty nice people.

You can wrap lights and berries around it ...just get creative.
Have fun.

Suggested materials:

  • Lumber  (Lowes)
  • Numbers  (Woodland Mfg)
  • Stars  (Amazon)

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