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2 Tier Diaper Cake..Easy as Pie

A baby boy Diaper Cake for someones special baby shower! ..
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $20 Difficulty: Easy
1...Miscellaneous baby items, I used Size 2 diapers 38 in a pack. Had a few left over. (Not many) Tissue paper, 3 sizes of cardboard pizza rings from my favorite pizza place..Sm. Med. Lg. Ribbon, Scissors, Glue gun, 2 sided sticky tape. 2 BIG rubber bands.1 paper towel roll. This pic shows some items I DIDN'T use but I just wanted to make sure I had everything I needed. (I make diaper cakes so I will use these items in other projects)
2. Wrapped the cardboard in tissue paper.
3. Found the center of the Med. pizza ring, sat the paper towel roll on top, drew my circle, & cut it out. You could do this BEFORE you wrapped it if you choose.
4. Again, finding the center, hot glued the paper towel roll to the very bottom, the largest, Pizza ring.
5. ROLL! Rolling your diapers, LONG wise, & securing them with a small piece of 2 sided sticky tape. Then placing them, standing up, going around the cardboard roll. The large rubber band helps hold them in place while you're adding...
6. Here I have the bottom layer done. I left a small margin of the plate showing, to look like a cake plate. Note... this is not the ribbon I decided to use when I was done..
7. Slide the roll thru your hole for the middle layer to sit on top of the base layer. Continued with the rolled diapers sitting on the middle plate.
8. The last pizza slice sits on top of the middle layer. Glued in place.. You COULD add another, smaller layer, if you like, it would be a 3 tier cake, I chose the smaller version & I was running out of diapers.
9. On the top, I placed a rattle, teething ring, Teddy Bear wash cloth, & small items amongst my pretty ribbons. And a babies first Birthday candle.
You can decorate it anyway you wish at this point. The ribbon just helps secure the diapers inside & conceals the rubber band. The solid blue ribbon looked prettier to me with the plastic novelty pacifiers & rattles dangling from them. Thank you for viewing.

Ask the creator about this project

  • Wendy
    on Dec 17, 2017


  • Jan720
    on Dec 24, 2017

    Great job!! This would also be very cute & useful for a baby shower gift. Blue for boy, pink for a girl. Thanks much. Jan

  • Teresa
    Teresa Old Hickory, TN
    on Dec 24, 2017


  • B. Enne
    B. Enne Canada
    on Jan 2, 2018

    WOW that's a blast from the past! Thanks for sharing.

  • Carol Brunies
    Carol Brunies Covington, LA
    on Jan 10, 2018

    I have made something simular with white terry towels as a gift for a shower. I made a wedding cake by rolling bath towel, hand towel and face towels and then decorating with small flowers And ribbon

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