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Ethereal Face of a Woman on a Brooch/pin...

A big shout out to Pat Ruge at Hometalk who provided me the inspiration to try this project. I followed Pat's steps so I didn't post them here. I purchased the mold, which makes about 10 faces in various sizes and can be reused, at Joann's. I ordered some flat bar magnets for the back of the piece as I plan to make it into a brooch that can be worn on a coat, sweater, dress or handbag. (I once had a part time job at a well known boutique and saw magnets used on some of their brooches).

Time: 1 Hours Cost: $2 Difficulty: Easy
I made my modeling paste with Plaster of Paris, water and some Mod Podge as I didn't have any Elmer's Glue. Pat Ruge has great instructions on how to make the modeling paste under Story with a Magnetic Ending on Hometalk. I didn't get the mixture quite right the first time so the facial features stayed in the mold on some of the faces. 2nd try worked out well and I got a number of faces for future use. I have posted several photos of the same item so you can see how the iridescent pigment changes color depending on the lighting. I used some old eyeshadow I had but don't wear. At age 72 I stick to neutral tones for my eyes.
I took this photo in daylight on a dark background. I have posted several photos of the same item so you can see how the iridescent pigments change color depending on the lighting.

This photo was taken on a white background with flash. For some reason, photos just don't show the iridescence well. It seems to come out too monotone .
To finish off the brooch, I sprayed it generously with clear glossy finish. I may add a couple more light coats for durability after I put on the fabric backing and magnets.

Materials used for this project:

  • Gauze surgical bandage   (We had it in our medicine cabinet.)
  • Mica based eyeshadow in several colors   (One of the colors I used looked burgundy when dry and when I dampened my brush and dabbed the color on the peacock blue highlights appeared.)
  • Plaster of Paris   (I have several containers on hand from actual plaster patching.)
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Ask the creator about this project

  • Wendy
    4 days ago

    Wow, wonderful! Pat inspires me as well :)

  • Joyce
    Joyce York, PA
    3 days ago

    Thank you!

  • Pat Ruge
    Pat Ruge Murrieta, CA
    9 hours ago

    Boy oh boy, you hit the floor running, Joyce. Very nice well done. You are much better at picture taking. They really come thru nicely. Thank you for all the publicity but now it's your turn to shine. Relish the moment.

    • Joyce
      Joyce York, PA
      50 minutes ago

      Thanks Pat. Coming from you that means a lot.

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