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Cereal Box Planter Box Upcycle

I took a box out of the recycle bin and turned it into a rustic little planter for some spring flowers.
I cut my box in half and spray painted it black. I knew my sticks would have some spaces and I didn't want any colors or words to show through.
I glued....and glued....and got a splinter.....and glued....and got burned....and glued until finally 17 hours later I had this!
Okay, it was not 17 hours, but it really was 3 straight hours. Seems impossible, I know but go ahead and try for yourself. I really do like the twigs with the bright and cheerful flowers.
Check out the blog post for all of the gory details and how you can make this super Earth Day firendly project for yourself.

To see more: http://too-much-time.com/2014/04/cardboard-box-upcycle-into-a-planter-box.html

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