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DIY USA Quilt Map Art

I recently spotted a gorgeous, artistically designed, framed wooden US map in a shop window and was hoping to purchase it for the final piece of our bathroom remodel. Alas, with a price tag of $650 (which was more than we spent for the new slate tile floor!) that just wasn’t happening. Then I remembered a framed wooden something or other (not quite sure what it used to be...) Coach had stored in the barn awhile back. So I grabbed it, along with some basic scrapbooking supplies and created my USA Quilt Map for free!! For the complete tutorial, please visit my blog http://countrydesignhome.com/2013/09/24/the-art-of-the-map/
This is the finished framed USA map hanging on the remodeled rustic bathroom wall. Colorful and country, reminiscent of an old quilt grandma might have made. One of my all-time favorite DIY projects.
This was the framed piece of wood I had available. You could certainly use any type of wood, with or without a frame. Just make sure that the area where the map is attached is smooth and clear-don't want a lumpy map!
For the USA pattern, I just downloaded it, then enlarged it on blockposters.com. You can read about this on my blog post. http://countrydesignhome.com/2013/09/24/the-art-of-the-map/
These are the scrapbooking paper strips I cut to resemble the painted wood strips. These are papers I had kicking around from my obsessive scrapbooking days. I placed them in random order, balancing the colors and adding a little interest (like baseball on the east coast and flowers in Florida)
The finished map was affixed to a piece of black poster board with Elmers's Craft Adhesive, then finished with a coat of Martha Stewart Decoupage (I find hers to be the smoothest and easiest to work with). The finished black poster board almost has a leather-like appearance, especially after I tacked the corners with some rustic black tacks. For the complete DIY tutorial and additional information, please visit my blog post: http://countrydesignhome.com/2013/09/24/the-art-of-the-map/

To see more: http://countrydesignhome.com/2013/09/24/the-art-of-the-map/

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