How To Change the Look of Your Tile Grout for Less Then 30 Dollars

Cleaning your tile grout is always a choir and time consuming. Applying a grout color sealer like Grout Shield will not only save you time but make you feel as if your floors or wall are looking new again.
Grout Shield Color Seal
Grout Shield Color Seal
Every kit comes with everything you need to do every job whether it's big or small there's a kit for you, and all kits can be provided in any color you can imagine.
off set grout before Grout Shield
off set grout before Grout Shield
Here we see an off set grouted floor, many people think that this is difficult to apply the sealer but in fact its actually easier to do smaller tile's then larger one's
off set grout after appling grout shield
off set grout after appling grout shield
Now look how the grout looks new again, just wish the picture was taken with out the light on lol, Grout Shield color seal will make any floor grout or wall grout look new again. Also great for out door use.

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2 questions
  • Where can I see how to apply this product? Also, where can you buy it?

  • Alanea Barr-Stern
    31 minutes ago

    Someone put appliance cover over my tile on my kitchen island it is now peeling off, could you tell me what I could use to get it off, so i can recolor my grout.

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