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Asked on Apr 23, 2019

Get rid of cockroaches ?

NancyBetsyCheryl Williamsen


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  • Call an exterminator asap. They hide and breed in places you cant get to. You will never be truly rid of them if you don't. So so sorry.

  • Cheryl Williamsen
    on Apr 23, 2019

    Bug bomb every 5 days with Raid Exterminator, for 2 weeks. I buy mine at Home Depot or Ace Hardware. It is not an normal bug bomb product.

    Youll have to be prep very well and leave the house for 3 hours and then air it out for 2 hours.

    if you don’t know how to prep well for this, please understand that this product will kill plants, pets, rodents and obviously make people sick from the residue.

    Therefore ask for more info.

    if you live in an apartment, it’s time to call the landlord, yesterday.

    Roach Proof is boric acid, and you can buy generic and apply under the stove, in the kitchen sink cabinet, under anything and everything. It destroys their nervous systems after they invest it. Use it too.

  • Betsy
    on Apr 24, 2019

    Hi Sandy: Take a look at this site and see if it helps you. Plus, it has neat pictures:)

    Good luck

  • Nancy
    on Apr 27, 2019

    Borax placed in bottle caps throughput cupboards, behind refrigerator etc... they will walk in it and take it back to their nest

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