Chair Makeover

2 Materials
6 Hours

I found this awesome chair on a road trip to Branson, Missouri. Fell in love with it right away and the leopard print reminded me of my mother, she would've loved it. Besides, it was $25!! There is no way I could pass that up!. It didn't go with my décor scheme at all but I left it alone for years, in honor of my mother, and just used it for my office and staging houses.

As the reno's of my house started coming together (years of it, still not done) I finally decided to redo it to match my décor.

Here she is! I love everything about it, the size, shape, style and lines.

I started taking off the material, trying to be careful not to rip it so I could used it to size up the new material. It had tons of staples. I mean staples upon staples......

Here is a close up of the staples, not only were there lots but they were all crushed in the middle so I found it harder to get them out.

It looked like the chair had been redone a few times, there were two different material patterns underneath the leopard material. Of course at the time, I wasn't a Hometalker yet so I didn't take many pics sadly.

But, I finished removing about a gazillion staples, then primed and painted the chair. Once I was happy with the look, I cut the material to size using the old material. I also changed the padding for the chair and the seat.

Stapling the material to the chair was really hard. I've done a few chairs so it wasn't the first but this was more challenging. I wish I took more pics of the mistakes I made, as I had to remove the new staples and redo them a few times.

Once I was finally satisfied with the placement of the material, I then glued chair trim around the seams to finish it off. 

Here she is! I chose a light blue crushed velvet material and am very happy with the look. This beauty sits in my walk in closet and I try not to cover her with clothes!

I promise to take more detailed pics with future projects, I realize this post may not be too helpful with redoing a chair.

Suggested materials:

  • 2 yards of material
  • Primer and paint  (Rona)

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3 of 6 comments
  • Sally
    4 days ago

    Looks amazing 😊

  • William
    4 days ago

    WOW! It's gorgeous. Looks like somebody did a terrible job before. Crushed staples are a no no. They didn't go in all the way so they tried to hammer them. I've seen it too many times. You gave it the character and class it was begging for. Great job.

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