Asked on Jan 17, 2020

How can I make over a small wicker shelf?

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Re-vamp a small wicker shelf

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  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Jan 17, 2020

    Blow it off to make sure it is clean and dust free then spray paint it. You could add a bit of decor or edging to it as well. Perhaps add a board to the flat portion of the shelf.

  • Recreated Designs
    on Jan 17, 2020

    I love painting wicker. It usually gives it an entirely new look. You can use any latex, or chalk paint you like. If you want to have some of the original colour showing through, try dry brushing it. (put very little paint on your brush and run the brush along the wicker so that only the tops of each piece pick up the paint).

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Jan 17, 2020

    If you need to glue down some broken pieces first, use a wood glue and bind the broken piece into place with fine wire or tape that can be removed later, when dry.

  • Sometimes, all it needs is a couple of coats of spray paint for a whole new look.

  • Kmdreamer
    on Jan 17, 2020

    If the shelf is broken try to fix it best you could with small skinny pieces of strips of paper and weave them through the whole to patch it. When your done paint the shelf what ever color you like you could even take a little blue and make some designs on it on both sides to change appearance even add other colors.make a flower on the side come over the end .be creative .

  • Linda
    on Jan 18, 2020

    I came across this Bob Villa post about restoring wicker. I think it will help.

  • Morgan McBride
    on Jan 18, 2020

    Spray paint would have a big impact

  • Cynthia H
    on Jan 18, 2020

    I agree with all the suggestions, but, wanted to share something I have done with my old wicker pieces. I spray paint, always, because it is so much easier to get in all the nooks and crannies. The last time, I spray painted with two different shades of blue, one more on the deeper nooks and crannies, and one more on the surface, in a deeper shade. I have also used a paper doily as a stencil on top. You can stencil easily on wicker to layer colors. Hope that gives you some ideas!

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