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Putting up a wood privacy fence how to get started

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when putting up a wood privacy fence, do you get the pretty side facing your yard or does it face your neighbors?

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  • It's a great idea to talk to your neighbors first - they may share the cost and/or the work for the fence! It's a good idea to have both sides be nice looking.

  • Beth
    7 days ago

    I didn't put up the fence in my yard, but the nice side faces us. The neighbors are renters, so I imagine the owner figured it wouldn't matter. I'd think you'd want the nice side facing you, since you're paying for it, but I like Frugal Family Times' idea of checking with your neighbors to see if they have some input/money to add to the project.

  • Annie
    7 days ago

    The very best thing would be for you and the neighbours to be willing to share the cost, then have both sides look nice. Of course, some people can't (or won't) pay for half the fence. Then you do what you think is best.

  • Linda Kluver
    7 days ago

    On one side of our yard the nice side faces , on other side, the not nice side does.

  • Gk
    7 days ago

    I would think you could do it any way you want!

  • Ruth
    7 days ago

    Some states require that you give pretty side to neighbors. Check local building departments.

  • William
    7 days ago

    A lot of building codes require the good side facing neighbors. Unless the fence has two good sides

  • There are fences that are pretty on both sides. That would be my recommendation, but they are more expensive. You should check with your town office though, since many if not most have rules about this. In my town, by law, the pretty side faces your neighbor.

  • Mogie
    7 days ago

    Hubby is replacing our wood privacy fence this summer (at least those are the plans). But in order to not have this problem we are doing a woven wood fence. It is hard to explain so please see the link below. So by doing that there isn't really any side that is different from the other side.

    Scroll down to privacy fence structures and you will see a woven fence.

  • Morgan McBride
    7 days ago

    the pretty side should face out.

  • Rymea
    7 days ago

    The problem with the nice side facing the neighbor is that when you build your fence or need to replace a board or two you have to go into the neighbors yard to do it.

    Important - Unless you are replacing an existing fence make sure to get a survey so you will know exactly where the property line is.

  • Chloe Crabtree
    7 days ago

    The pretty side usually has to face the neighbors according to most community codes.

  • Kmdreamer
    7 days ago

    What ever you want I would face your yard so it looks nice .

  • Flipturn
    6 days ago

    'Just a note about building a fence-

    If for whatever reason, the neighbours/property owners bordering your lot do not want to pay the cost of the fence 50/50, then do not build the fence right on the property line. Build it (as well as any posts and supports) so that the entire structure is a few inches away from the actual property line.

    As you are paying for the fence 100% and it sits 100% within your property boundaries, you are free to arrange the sides of the fence any way you choose.

  • Nan W.
    6 days ago

    Tami: if you are splitting the cost with the neighbor, then you should discuss this with them. If you are shouldering the entire cost... put the "pretty" side toward you!

  • Betsy
    3 days ago

    Hi Tami: The pretty side faces your neighbours yard. However, the horizontal boards can be used as shelving for plants:) So, all is not lost. Be sure to check with the city first, as you may need a permit to install the fence. Here are a couple of sites that should help you:

    Good luck

  • Johnavallance82
    15 minutes ago

    Hi Tami,

    Pretty side to face neighbours, unless you and neighbours agree to the otherside! Dig holes for Posts and set using Postcrete! Then fix panels to posts (If timber or Slip panels into concrete posts. Best wishes.

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