Asked on Jun 20, 2020

How to clean bottom of pan?

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how to get off baked on/cooked on grunge off outside of pan

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  • Maura White
    on Jun 20, 2020

    Try putting on a paste made of baking soda and water - let it sit a half hour and wipe off.

  • Seth
    on Jun 20, 2020

    Bar Keepers Friend powder and a scrunge pad work well, but may leave some scratches.

  • Dee
    on Jun 20, 2020

    If it is copper, ketchup and salt. If aluminum, Barkeepers Friend, damp, let sit about 15 minutes then scrub with a green heavy duty scrubbie.

  • Soak it in a basin of water and a dryer sheet.

  • Joy Elizabeth
    on Jun 21, 2020

    If it is a metal pan, a steel scrubber woth bar keepers friend works wonders. :)

  • Cynthia H
    on Jun 21, 2020

    I soak them in Dawn dish detergent and hot water. Polish it up with a paste cleaner like Soft scrub or make a baking soda paste and scrub with a magic eraser or microfiber cloth. Good luck and stay safe!

  • Peggy Burnette
    on Jun 21, 2020

    Hi Pat, I think we all have the grunge on our pans too. Hope this helps you clean your.

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  • Vimarhonor
    on Jun 21, 2020

    Hello I soak in soapy solution for awhile then use barkeepers friend or sos pad. Hope this helps!

  • Flipturn
    on Jun 21, 2020

    What sort of pan is it- what is it made out of, and how old is it?

  • Redcatcec
    on Jun 21, 2020

    Make a thick paste of baking soda and water, apply it to the pan and let it set. I usually let it set overnight and then using the rough side of a dollar store sponge, scrub it off. Repeat if needed.

  • Cerama Bryte or Bar Keeper's Friend. Works great!

  • Betsy
    on Jun 22, 2020

    Hey Pat: What I use is a paste of white vinegar and cream of tartar (the dry stuff). Make a paste and put it on the gunk. Let it sit for about 15 or 20 seconds and then scrape off with a plastic putty knife or one of those plastic scrubbies. You may have to do it a couple of times if the gunk is thick, but usually not. There is no smell and it is environmentally safe. Good luck.

  • Homeroad
    on Jun 22, 2020

    I have heard that baking powder and vinegar soak does a great job.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Jun 22, 2020

    Barkeeper's friend

    SOS pad

    Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide with steel wool

    marble paste

    oven cleaner

    These are all options to achieve a clean pan.

  • Rymea
    on Jun 23, 2020

    Oven cleaner works

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