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Shirley Bovshow's Monster Plants for Halloween!

Shirley Bovshow, Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines create easy, "Man Eating Plants" for Halloween on the Home & Family show on Hallmark channel.
Garden designer, Shirley Bovshow poses with a giant
"man-eating monster plant" display in front of the "Home & Family" show house.
The design uses many recycled materials and materials found around the yard.
We spent $30 dollars for materials and were able to make at least three of these plants.
Gather these materials to make your "Man-Eating Monster Plants" as seen on the Home & Family Show with Shirley Bovshow:
1. Tree branch (as long or short as you want to make your plant)
2. Urn or plant container. Drain holes are not important since you won't be watering.
3. Spray insulation foam
4. Spray paint - we used green
5.Glue gun and spray glue
6. Silk or faux leaves
7. Moss
8. Decorative materials for your display: bones, skeletons, spiders, small pumpkins and gourds.
Please visit Shirley Bovshow's EdenMakers Blog for detailed information, video and more photos!
Happy Halloween.
7-foot "man-eating monster plant" is made with a long tree branch found on the ground.

To see more: http://edenmakersblog.com/?p=5789#sthash.HtkXBVc6.dpbs

Ask the creator about this project

  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    on Oct 13, 2014

    I hope they don't take after Audrey II.

  • Shirley
    Shirley Woodland Hills, CA
    on Oct 13, 2014

    haha…that's right Doug!

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