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Giving Your Old, Melted Candles a Makeover!

We lose power quite a bit in the PNW and our candles get a lot of use. They must not burn evenly, because the tops end up looking like creepy, Halloween candles! I'd rather look at "pretty" candles, so I gave mine a makeover!
Do you have candles that look like this? Don't throw them out! Give them a quick and easy makeover!
Before Christmas, I found this beautiful birch bark wrapping paper at Pier 1--I bought it specifically to "wrap" my old candles and to make some Christmas ornaments.
Just measure, cut and wrap your candle--adhering with double stick tape. I also embellished them with leftover ribbon, burlap, string, tags etc. to tie in with Valentine's Day.
Obviously, I won't light these any more---flame, paper, not such a good mix! But I also "wrapped" all our battery operated candles so we're ready for the next power outage! Check out the full post for an extra, super easy "snow day" or "Frozen" craft!

To see more: http://www.clockworkinteriors.com/?p=1365

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