DIY Grinch - Holiday Decor

Isn't he the cutest thing you ever seen?? I found this on Pinterest - We talked about this yesterday on my radio show as one of the most creative holiday decorating ideas we've seen - Grinch colored panty hose, pillow batting and a santa costume and I believe you have yourself a Grinch's bottom :)
Hose, batting & a santa suit!
side view

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  • Mar3187446
    on Dec 4, 2015

    How to make the Grinch

  • Theresa
    on Aug 21, 2016

    How is this made?

  • Mindy Harvey
    Mindy Harvey
    on Oct 11, 2016

    Do you have step by step instructions for this project? The Grinch legs is what I am looking at.

  • Marie Lightizer
    Marie Lightizer
    on Oct 16, 2016

    how do i make this

  • Angie Medzie-Sloan
    Angie Medzie-Sloan
    on Oct 19, 2016

    just wondering how difficult it is to make the grinch legs... and get it to stand.. what did you use?

    • Mary Bean
      Mary Bean
      on Dec 12, 2016

      I think cardboard tubes from wrapping paper would work for the legs.

    • Judy McPhail Deithorn
      Judy McPhail Deithorn
      on Dec 20, 2016

      Hi I made one with everything head to toe it took me about 11/2 weeks sewed a lot by hand when I got it all done very first one my dr. Bought it first time I showed it to him. His home is done in all grinch. It's very easy and I don't sew I grabbed a pair of my hubby joggers pants double material give myself an inch for seam and traced around them for a fitted insulated med Mens stuffed it sewed hand opening took green fur sewed to front on chest only. Anmade grinch hands in green Durand stuffer them. Made red elf shoes w/white fur around ankle area Stuffed the grinch shoes. Bought a styrofoam mans head put green fur on head bought a good grinch mask for $12.00 at Halloween store on line bought a Christmas costume of Santa on for $13.00 picked up at store that how I did it lay out on floor trace out and stuff and sew mine turned out great. My first one ever.good luck! I'll chech by soon need more help I wii be back judy

    • Judy McPhail Deithorn
      Judy McPhail Deithorn
      on Feb 28, 2017

      I don't see why not I just stuffed a pair of hubbys sweat pants w fiber fill from wal mart a insulated white white shirt if you need more help reply back

    • Judy McPhail Deithorn
      Judy McPhail Deithorn
      on Feb 28, 2017

      I never made anything like this just study it and thought it is as making a stuffed scare crow if you need more info let me know I will call you and give you instructions on how to do this very easy mine turned out perfect I made head face hands slippers top to bottom. The one in the tree is only waist to feet. When I got done my Dr asked for it cause his house is all done I grinch. It was even put in the description office for kids and adults got pictures of my grinch Great Hit for all to enjoy of Christmas 2016 thanks judy

    • Judy McPhail Deithorn
      Judy McPhail Deithorn
      on Aug 4, 2017

      If you stuff the leg not super heavy it not hard to make him stand up just stuff and stand him up keep doing it till you get him where you want him standing upright takes a little moverning but he will stand good luck!! J
  • Linda Ridenour
    Linda Ridenour
    on Nov 20, 2016

    Do you make these to sell. My daughter has a Grinch tree. She would love this.

    • Judy McPhail Deithorn
      Judy McPhail Deithorn
      on Feb 28, 2017

      I made my first one last year turned out perfectly it was about 6 1/2 feet tall But I made head to feet not hard to make and I am not into sewing. All by hand took me about 2-3 weeks feel free to contact me again thanks judy my Dr. loved it so much I ende up giving it to him and starting another one for me now

    • Judy McPhail Deithorn
      Judy McPhail Deithorn
      on Aug 4, 2017

      Thi is not that hard to make actually I am starting another one he is only going to be 5ft 3" my first one was 6ft.3" all made by hand and the picture you posted is exactly just like that one only I put a head and did the face just like the grinchs face. Thanks
  • Angela
    on Oct 14, 2017

    Hi. I really love the Grinch you made. I would love to make one for my tree this year..but I think k I may have the legs down packed, but I am wondering how to get the santa suit to fit into the tree like that???? Please help lol
  • Tabitha
    on Oct 23, 2017

    Do you make the grinch butt for the tree to sell? Really wanting one!
  • Shannon
    on Oct 24, 2017

    I would love to buy one of these!!!! Are you selling them???Please
  • Kri31859817
    on Nov 25, 2017

    Where did you find the green hose?
  • Cherelle cook
    Cherelle cook
    on Dec 1, 2017

    Do you have any more ready for purchase? I love this!
  • Anna Lightsey
    Anna Lightsey
    on Dec 17, 2018

    how do u make it

  • Diana Matthews-Cox
    Diana Matthews-Cox
    on Dec 24, 2018

    Where the heck do they have pantihose this color?

  • Rox Rivera
    Rox Rivera
    on Oct 19, 2019


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