"How-to Share-a-Thon" - The Ole’ Red Cupboard with Modern Masters

One day, a few years ago while out looking for a piece to use with another project I was working on, I came across this ole red cupboard. I stopped, I looked and I pondered. I have always admired vintage furniture, but I was really wanting a change of style for the new home I had just purchased. I told myself to keep on walking, I mean after all the poor ole thing did look to be pretty worn down, right? I headed for the door in an attempt to resist the temptation of sticking with the vintage look, however halfway through the store, I knew I could not leave without it…..now I am glad I didn't!
Time: 7 DaysCost: $73.00Difficulty: Medium
Off to storage it went, then came moving day and when I decided to go ahead and set it in the dining room, my son told me I was nuts. A new house with a junkie old cabinet! I put it there for two reason, 1. I needed the extra storage and 2. I knew it would force me to get it redone or get rid of it.
A few months passed. I had no idea of what or how I wanted to make it over, then other projects took the place of the Ole’ Red up-cycle. My company always commented on it, some loved it and others, well they probably thought the same as my son, but I knew someday the right plan would come along and Ole’ Red would become new again.
Thanks to the wonderful folks and members of Hometalk. I was able to collect many wonderful ideas for my cupboard, yet I still wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it.
Then one day after submitting one of my Christmas gift projects, the folks at Hometalk contacted me with an offer to participate in a project up-cycle. I was to provide the project, they would provide the paint of my choice.
MODERN MASTERS Metallic Paint (www.modernmasters.com)
Absolutely the best paint I’ve ever used!!!
I really love this stuff! I mean, really, look at Ole’ Red again. It was in pretty poor shape and I am in no way a professional. I seldom read directions, I don’t follow the rules and my projects pretty much make their own.
I scrubbed it clean with dollar store “Awesome” cleaner. Then I started sanding. I wanted the old red to remain part of the cupboard so I did not sand all the way down to the raw wood everywhere.
English walnut and Snow White Metallic - The coverage on the English walnut was spectacular! – The metallic was perfect! I loved the look and contemplated stopping right here. What a difference a little paint can do….Ole’ Red was coming back to life!
Although this paint dries very fast, I did let it sit overnight before starting the first coat of white.
The Snow White Metallic wasn't near as friendly as the English Brown. I realize that browns and reds are not easily covered, however I felt like I painted and painted…coat after coat. At one point I was ready to go back to the just straight brown, but because of an order mix up, I continued and by the time I received more paint, I decided I really liked the look I had achieved.
Sanding…..YUCK, but in order to get the look I was after, it was a must! AND well, I am pretty pleased with the outcome. Not bad for not knowing what I was doing and being too stubborn to take the time to find out. Trial and Error…Trial and Error – Blemishes become character. Not perfect, but neither am I!
I couldn't decide what to do with the doors and drawer…more trial and error!
The doors seemed to hate me. I had a hard time get a good smooth coverage, so I decided to swirl my paint brush, leaving a texture on the inset of the doors. I may come up with something better at a later date, but for now, I’m okay with it.
Ole’ Red didn't come with a top piece so I had to make one. I wanted to do something different and unusual but time did not allow for it (or maybe I was just too anxious to get it done) – I’m not saying which....lol
I bought some fabric to cover the back. I liked it but I decided since I was keeping a vintage piece (remember I was supposed to be changing my style) I really needed to give it a “wow” factor… so my search continued!
I went to Lowe's and bought a cheap but nice wood plank. A friend who knew that I was in a hurry, had a friend, who offered to router it for me. I painted and attached with a small nail gun.
Ole’ Red was missing some hardware when I got it. I liked what it had, but knew it would be hard to match. I made several trips to Lowe’s, Hobby Lobby and a few other places in search of the right fit. Finally I made a decision to add to what I already had. Talk about mix and match, but it all worked out.
Little cost and lot's of determination brought it back to life. The bold colors brings a touch of modern to my everlasting love of vintage styles. - Thank you to all the folks and members at Hometalk and Modern Masters. I have a HAPPY new space in my home and a new love for metallic paints!
Every time I look at it, I see something else I could do or should have done, but all in all, I am happy with the way it turned out. Still a bit vintage, yet bright with a new style.

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      • Hannah V
        Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
        on Mar 2, 2015

        This was such a big project to take on, and may I just say you did an INCREDIBLE job! I am blown away! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful project! :))

        • Tiger
          Tiger Marion, IA
          on Mar 3, 2015

          There is a lot of work there for sure....I like it but with my stuff it would clash....IN MY home. Doesn't mean it will in yours. You did a good job I think for not having directions and all. That makes it fun doesn't it? To do your own thing especially if it is a piece that you don't like the beginning piece and do want a change....KUDOS to you. :-)