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Guest Closet / Pantry Re-Work

Our guset closet had evolved over the last few years to serve as a "catch-all" for all kind of crap..I have been using it as "deep storage" for materials from my previous career and as a food pantry. The Mrs was using it for shipping and packing supplies, gift wrap etc. I took the plunge over the last couple of days a completed a major revamp.
phase one was clearing out a lot of the crap..I worked one side at a time and installed new wire shelves in the "end" of the closet. Removing two 2 drawer file cabinets allowed for a new wire shelf unit to aid the "pantry" part. common used lightweight stuff was relocated to the hanger shelf, while some of my craft items were place above.
I have the file cabinets on craig's list and a big bag of stuff is heading to goodwill. Today four large boxes of paper waste got recycled. I think we are good here for a few more years.
Installing the shelves only took a couple of hours, for the 6 fixed and assembly of the free standing unit. The rest of the two days was going through box after box after box...and deciding what to keep what to toss...organizing and streamlining.
Check that line item off the resolution list
Time: 2 Days Cost: $120 Difficulty: Medium

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  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    on Jan 5, 2013

    Great job! We had 2 entry closets that were nothing but junk catchers, so we did the same thing. We have an early 70s house that has many large rooms but little storage so we felt we had to make our own. The entry is just outside the kitchen so it is very convenient!

  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    on Jan 5, 2013

    I originally had plans for a walk in pantry right off the kitchen when I did my big remodel back in 2001...but we had to put in a full sized staircase for code issues. The old spiral would not support the extra sq footage. When I design our retirement home at our ranch there will be a pantry off the kitchen that will have wall to wall shelving. Right now we have a supermarket that is only 5 min away...at our NM property it is about 40 min one way to get "supplies". It will be somewhat of a necessity to stock more than a few days worth of grub.

  • Terri J
    Terri J Annapolis, MD
    on Jan 5, 2013

    We had identical closets from the looks of your guest room's closet(stoarge). It is on my list of thing to go through Love the enptly look of the new/clean out closet!

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