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Moss and Twine Wrapped Easter Bunny

I can't believe that March is already half way through and April is upon us which means Easter!! Easter is such a fun holiday with Easter egg hunts and Sunday family dinners. But we must not forget the true reason for celebrating and that is the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
I love to keep the excitement of each holiday alive in our house by having a fun craft to make. I found this cardboard bunny at the Dollar Tree that was cute, but needed the outline of a bunny for what I wanted to do with it even more. Plus it only cost me $1.00 so I didn't mind to cover it up.
Start wrapping the twine around the bunny until it is completely covered. Get comfortable for this part and just keep wrapping. I think my husband and I were actually watching American Idol while I made this.

To see more: http://www.thesoutherncouture.com/moss-and-twine-wrapped-easter-bunny/

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