Horse Head Christmas Wreath

I Saw a picture of a Horse Head Wreath and had to make one!
I used a standard size poster paper to draw my horse head on.
The horse head cut out.
I bent wire (1/8th of an inch) to form the horse head. This took time. I used a vise to hold it while i bent it. It doesn't have to totally match your outline because you will be using garland to fill in the wire. I used wire (1/16th) for the inside of the wire form. This will be used to anchor your garland to the form.
I used one package (25 feet) of garland wrap.
I first wrapped the garland around the outline of the horse head.
After the wrapped the outline of the head, I then filled it in with the garland wrap.
I wanted to make the horse head fuller, so i used garland branch picks. I filled in the entire frame with these branch picks. It took 6 branches picks. I forgot to take a picture of this process.
I used the artificial pine branch picks for the horse mane. It took 5 pine branches for the mane, and i cut off apart the 6th pine branch to make the bangs.
I had ribbon left over from another project so I used it for the halter. The ribbon is folded over to give it some fullness. The ribbon was 2 1/2 inches wide. I used pipe cleaner stems to anchor the halter onto the frame.
A close up picture of the horse filled in with branch picks for the head and the pine picks for the mane.
I used ribbon from a another project (1 1/2 wide) (not wire edged ribbon) to make the roses. I made this rose with a little less than a yard. You can find instructions on youtube on how to make ribbon roses.
Roses attached to the halter.
I made a well out of the branches to insert and hold the pine cone eye. I'm only allowed 15 pictures to show a project, so here is the finished product. This horse head was time consuming, but oh so much fun!..I will hang this wreath on my front porch for the Christmas season. Who knows, I just might leave it hanging on the porch and decorate for every season...hmm...Valentine hearts, Easter Eggs, etc.

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  • Cindy Huff
    on Nov 23, 2017

    Yes. Definitely!
  • Anne Mousseau
    on Dec 3, 2018

    I gave it a whirl today using fresh pine & cedar I clipped off our trees, rope for the halter, & ribbon I had, for the bow & a wooden button for the eye. I cut the pattern out of styrofoam packing & wound some wire around it to tie the greenery to. Picture below.

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