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I cleaned 20 years of smoke and soot from the brass around the glass doors of my wood-burning fireplace with no mess and no elbow grease!

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Clean Your Gas Fireplace in Under an Hour

I love having a fireplace when the winter winds are whipping around outside. And a gas fireplace is awesome - flip a switch and you’ve got instant fire!

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Take Five Minutes to Change Your Furnace Filter

So, hopefully you’ve tackled the basic spring-cleaning tasks, and you have clean windows, dust-free corners and a generally tidy house. That’s great! But there’s one more step: your furnace filter. Replacing this guy will keep the air you breath at home fresh (and pollen free) for the spring season ahead! This is quick and easy, but if you’ve never done it before, we’ll walk you through it.

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Cleaning Glass on Gas Fireplace

It is that time of year for cozy winter things. Warm blankets, soft socks, hot chocolate, and warm fires. Our fireplace has never been cleaned before, and it was dirty. Dirty, dirty, dirty. We have had gas fireplaces in the past and every winter season we make a point to clean them. We wasted no time getting our current fireplace ready for the winter season. It really is simple and makes such a difference. To see more on this project visit
-Tarp/Old Towel - To protect floor from soot.