bathroom makeover with subway tile wainscoting before after

Bathroom Makeover: Before & After

My husband and I have spent the past several years remodeling our little house in the country. The main floor of the house was in rough shape, but it had a nice layout and it was well built so we felt like it was a diamond in the rough that was worth saving. The first room that had to be redone was the upstairs bathroom. The other two bathrooms only had showers, and with three little kids, we really needed a nice, clean bathroom so we could bathe our children. I had no desire to salvage the existing tile-work or vanity, so we took them out and removed the linoleum flooring and started from scratch.See my blog for more details and product information: & After: DIY Bathroom Remodel

master bath remodel phase 1

Master Bath Remodel Phase 1

Lived with this nightmare bath for nearly 11 years... FINALLY got it done (DIY)... LOVE IT NOW! I started collecting ideas for this two years ago, could not get hubs on-board. Finally threatened to rip the exhaust fan out and throw it thru the window, it sounded like a truck every morning when he would get in the shower and I was trying to sleep! He actually thanked me for "forcing him" to start the project when we took the old shower doors off, it was so awful... it should not have taken five months to complete but he's not getting any younger so it was a weekend job, and not every weekend... three Phases because I took a LOT of before/after pix!

maximizing bathroom space, architecture, bathroom ideas, flooring, home improvement, tiling

Maximizing Bathroom Space

We've shown a number of our bathroom renos on Hometalk but the one we're showing you today is my personal favorite to date! As I showed you in a previous bathroom transformation, renovating a bathroom gives you the ideal opportunity to maximize the space you already have. My Mom's bathroom had never been updated in the 30 years she's owned the house so it was high time for a reno. For us, it was just as important to make the sure the space was as functional for Mom as it was beautiful.

custom bathtub frame, bathroom ideas, home improvement, how to, woodworking projects

Custom Bathtub Frame

When we set out to renovate our bathroom, I wanted the biggest bang for my buck. This project is an ideal way to transform a builders grade bathtub into a custom looking built-in tub.

balinese stone mosaic bathroom reno

Balinese Stone Mosaic Bathroom Renovation

I found a great buy of stone tiles 90% however I had never tiled before now. The good thing with these tiles is that they are rough so being perfect isn't needed. I started with removing old wall tiles around the bath and walls then a little tidy up of that area smoothing any bumps or removing peeling wall.

how to tile a bathtub to make it look like a spa

How to Tile a Bathtub to Make It Look Like a Spa

When we were looking to buy our house one of the major things that we were looking for was an awesome master suite. And in that suite our master bathroom HAD to have a nice big tub. When we found our house I immediately fell in love with the corner tub and it was my favorite thing in the room. Well we decided to redo it and change out the tile and now I love the bathtub 10x more! I seriously cannot stop looking at it, it's so pretty and I love the outcome!

dollar store glass beads become a beautiful backsplash, kitchen backsplash, kitchen design

Dollar Store Glass Beads Become a Beautiful Backsplash

Did you know you could create a beautiful back splash with glass beads from the Dollar Store? I created a beautiful back splash in our master bathroom as part of my $100 Master Bathroom Makeover Challenge.. I was at the end of my project, I had already updated the oak cabinetry by painting them white. Now teally needed something that would pop in my small bathroom and pull it all together.

creative small bathroom remodel with slate and glass tile, bathroom ideas, diy, home improvement, small bathroom ideas, tiling

Creative Small Bathroom Remodel With Slate and Glass Tile

Our project house was a mess when we first moved in. An exciting mess. Exciting because there was only one way any update could turn out…better! My creative small bathroom remodel added a few family friendly features and a little more storage. My design kept my small space uncluttered and open and that gave it the look of a larger space.
We live at the beach and I wanted something unique and natural. I choose slate tiles and glass subway tiles. It was a perfect combination!

coastal farmhouse bathroom refresh

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Refresh

We teamed up with Jeffrey Court Tile to bring our boring master bathroom to life. By mixing the different kind of tile added interest and the final finish definitely feels more spa like and gave our ugly bathroom a modern coastal feel. Transforming this bathroom was definitely a labor of love and was one of the most physically demanding projects to date. At least now we have a soothing place to relax.

how to add a tile frame to a bathroom mirror

How to Add a Tile Frame to a Bathroom Mirror

Many bathrooms come with generic mirrors screwed into the wall. Since mirrors can be very expensive, sometimes it makes sense to just update the mirror that you have. Here is how I added a tile frame to an existing builder grade mirror.

shower tile installation tools quick tips , bathroom ideas, tiling, tools

Shower Tile Installation Tools (QUICK TIPS)

Today you’ll get five tool recommendations that will make shower tile installation easier.
I got these from my Bathroom Repair Tutor co-founder Steve.
If you’re new to HRT, Steve is a 14 year veteran of bathroom remodeling.

my see s candy master bath

My "See's Candy" Master Bath

When I started dreaming about my bath make over I knew I wanted black, white and some gray. I purchased my tile in August and the demo didn't start until the end of November 2017. After I had my basic design I found a magazine article with almost the same color scheme; it confirmed to me I was on the right track!

diy bathroom makeover before baby, bathroom ideas, diy, home improvement, small bathroom ideas, tile flooring, 3 x6 Rittenhouse Square Subway Tile

DIY Bathroom Makeover Before Baby

Leann and Tomasz purchased an apartment with the intentions of gutting the whole thing. Their first priority was to finish the bathroom before their baby was born. Leann and Tomasz were forced to complete the project themselves 1 month before delivery once their friend who was supposed to help with the project was in an accident.

caulking made easy

Caulking Made Easy

Here are some tips to make caulking easier. Also some good lessons I learned along the way doing our bath. Such as, I tried using a small squeeze tube on this job and can tell you not to waste your money on a tube! It popped the side seam and I ended up with all of the caulk in my hand. That is why there are no pictures of me actually applying the caulk with the tube...Lesson learned. Thankfully, our hands and fingers are wonderful tools. Main tools needed for this job are simple. Hair dryer, putty knife, caulking gun, painter's tape, Alcohol, rags, and a utility knife. Both a mask and safety glasses, you really don't want that stuff in your eyes. I also used vinegar to clean in between steps. Choose the right caulk for the job, I used one formulated for the kitchen and bath.

gorgeous bathroom inspiration

Gorgeous Bathroom Inspiration

My parents, in their mid-60's, took on a major undertaking a few years ago. My dad is a contractor and my parents decided to buy a 7 acre lot and start building a house all on their own. It's exciting to know that my father has put all his own blood, sweat, tears, and money into this home and they are designing and working on one space at a time. Today I wanted to show you the gorgeous bathroom that my dad put together and the bathroom that inspired my OWN master bathroom renovation that is also underway (my dad is helping us with that too--superdad!). Here's how it started...