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When Rita wanted to create her ideal master bathroom in her home, she chose to renovate the unused attic space that was attached to her bedroom. In order to transform this unused storage area into a sleek, contemporary bathroom, a lot of work would need to be done.
In order for there to be adequate room to install a full sized bath, a dormer needed to be built on one side of the attic. Here the attic is shown prior to the construction of the dormer.
The new dormer gives the space significantly more headroom to what was previously a fairly cramped space. In addition to the dormer, the attic required new foam insulation, drywall, electrical and plumbing work, and HVAC and ductwork. Luckily, they still had access to their old master bathroom, so they were not rushed in making these significant changes.
Once the new dormer had been built and the plumbing and insulation had been installed, they were able to install the new bathtub and begin the framework for the new toilet room.
If you look at the rear of this shot, you will see an attic window where the shower was supposed to go. This created a major problem. To replace this window, they would have had to do major brickwork to the outside of the house.
Instead of replacing the window at great cost, Rita decided to enclose the shower walls directly over the window. Here the Durock is seen covering the window in the shower. In order to make the window look normal from the outside of the house, she put up shutters over the window and made them permanently closed. It now looks just like a normal window with shutters over it!
For the shower, Rita chose beautiful Piedra Venatino from She used the honed 3" x 6" tile for the shower floor and honed 12" x 24" tile for the shower walls. This is an excellent non-slip surface for the shower floor. It looks very smooth, but it isn't the least bit slippery when wet! This light, natural stone look complements the contemporary bathroom perfectly! This tile is available here:
Because the sloped ceiling limits headroom along the walls of the space, Rita decided to put the vanities in the middle of the bathroom. The 6 foot vanities vanities face each other with a mirrored wall rising up to the ceiling in between them. For the wall paint, Rita paint matched the Laticrete Smokey Gray grout color used for the floor tile.
Rita added these 12 stunning, custom maple wood drawers into the wall to create extra storage space. The framing around the drawers is one piece, which helped her create the seamless look that she wanted. To create the color and texture, she used the gray wall paint color in a stain, then added a white stain, then rubbed some of everything off to allow the natural beauty of the maple wood to show through.
For the floor, Rita used Layers 6" x 24"- Sediment porcelain tile from This tile gave her a contemporary wood look without having to worry about water damage in the bathroom. Rita did an excellent job matching the drawer color to the tile! This tile is available here:
Rita used Vico's Super White Quartz for both the vanity counter tops and the tub decking. She got a sample of the white color used on the shutters to match the color paint used around the shutters, and also used the sample to make sure the shutter color would match the quartz. This dazzling white really helped establish the clean lines that Rita wanted.
The vanities are custom maple wood with a beautiful custom lacquer finish that was created to mirror the color of an Asian rosewood stand. The rich dark color contrasts wonderfully with the rest of the bathroom! For the sinks she chose a Kraus Alexandrite Glass vessel sink and faucet combination from The finished vanities really complete the luxurious contemporary spa look! Take a look at the before and after photos below to see the complete transformation!

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