Hooks Or Bars: How Do Your Towels Hang?

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by Pro Skill Construction
The hooks versus bars debate is a personal one! It might seem like a minor detail, but many clients find that when they're remodeling, the big decisions can be much easier than the little ones. The Proskill team is happy to prep our clients for these decisions and help walk them through each step of a renovation - including choosing bars or hooks!
So where do you stand on the debate? Check out these pros & cons, add yours - then pick a side! Visit us on Facebook to claim your side: https://www.facebook.com/proskillnj
Pro: Easier For Kids
Pro: No Towel Folding Required
Pro: Takes Less Horizontal Space On Wall
Pro: Can Hang More Hooks For More People & Use Less Space
Con: Wash Towels More Frequently Due To Possible Incomplete Drying
Con: Towels Can Look Sloppier, More Casual
Pro: Towels Stay Put
Pro: Frequently Dry Towels Better
Pro: Towels Look Neater
Con: Extra Effort Of Folding Towels To Hang
Con: Need Proper Horizontal Space On Wall
Con: More Racks For More Towels For More People Would Use A LOT Of Wall Space
Where Do You Stand? Hooks OR Bars? http://www.proskillnj.com/content/hooks-or-bars-how-do-your-towels-hang
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