Updating a bathtub?


I have an old bathtub with the molded surround all in one pc. I do not have the budget to change out the whole tub, which by the way is perfectly good and stylish looking. However, I hate that it is a one pc. molded type surround. Because of the soap shelf etc. molded into the wall surround, I don't know what I can do to upgrade the look of the whole thing. And because the wall surround is molded to the tub, there's no way to change out the walls without changing the tub, too. Does anyone know if I can cut the molded wall panel away from the tub without ruining the whole thing, &/or having leaks from the shower water if I were to cut? Or, is there some way to give the wall panels an updated look without cutting it away? It is all white with a very nice low tub, great for my age. Any suggestions would help, but bear in mind that the wall panels have dips and curves in them & therefore I cannot tile over it. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks!

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