Water Closet Makeover

by Nicole
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3 Days
My water closet (aka toilet room) is great, functionally speaking. I really love the privacy it offers those who need to use it. 😊 what I didn't love was how boring it was! Enter the makeover!
Generic photo, but exactly like my room
i had to google for a "before" photo. I guess I was to excited to get started that I forgot to take a pic! 🤣
  • First thing I did was remove all the stuff like pictures on the wall and the toilet paper holder
  • Second, I gave three of the four walls a fresh coat of paint (Greenwich Village by Behr)
  • I wanted to "shiplap" the back wall, but in the easiest possible way so I found some peel and stick planks at Lowe's. These aren't cheap but they seemed easy enough to install. When it was all said and done, I think nailing regular planks would have been just as easy and MUCH cheaper.
  • I did have to measure and cut each plank to size. I did this using my mitre/chop saw. Then it was just a matter of peeling off the backing and sticking to the wall. Make sure it's level before sticking! I started at the top and worked my way down the wall.
  • You'll need to cut funny shapes at the bottom around the toilet wall connections. I did this using a jig saw.
the wall turned out fantastic, but again, I think using regular cheap planks would have looked just as great. These peel and stick planks were already "stained" a weathered gray so I was saved that step at least.
Next I started adding crown moulding around the small room. I cut the moulding using my mitre saw but a mitre box and hand saw will do the job just fine!
This is a shot of the moulding all done! Don't forget to caulk the molding in! This is key! Once the caulk is dry, I recommend filling any nail holes with wood filler. Let that dry, them sand and paint the trim with a glossy finish. Moulding makes all the difference!
  • I needed some storage space so I added custom shelves using a beautiful idea you can find on Pinterest.
  • I used an 2"x10" board from Lowe's and had them cut the 16' board into 24"pieces. This gave me several shelves to use around the house. Two for this room!
  • I stained the wood using "early American" Minwax wood stain and added a clear coat finish
  • The shelf brackets are made from 1/2"black iron pipe. I had home depot cut the pipe into 10" lengths and then threaded each end. Pipe cutting and threading is free at either Lowe's or home depot.
  • You'll need two flanges, two pipes and two caps in the size of your choice (I used 1/2") to make the two brackets
  • Attach flanges to the wall using anchors. I used EZ drywall & stud anchors because they will go thru drywall or studs easily. This means I don't have to worry about searching for studs first. (Tip:. Use a drill bit to make a pilot hole first. The anchors will go in much easier)
  • Simply screw in the pipe to the flange and screw on the cap to the pipe. Voila! Set the boards on top! I didn't worry about securing the boards down but if you prefer that, I would recommend liquid nails or E6000 to do the job.
"After" photo 1
"After" photo 2
  • "After" photo
  • I made the curtain rod using the 1/2" black iron pipe (cut to size for this small window), two 1/2" flanges, and two 1/2" elbows
  • I reinstalled the toilet paper holder, added a few knickknacks and called it a day!

Suggested materials:
  • Timberwal peel & stick planks ($40/box; I used three boxes)   (Lowe's)
  • Wall paint   (Home depot)
  • Painting supplies (brushes, roller, drop cloths, etc)   (Lowe's)
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  • Lynn5280 Lynn5280 on Aug 12, 2017

    Where is the toilet? How did the window appear?

  • Man4221821 Man4221821 on Sep 06, 2017

    Where do u hang the towels?

  • Cristina Addie Cristina Addie on Oct 27, 2017

    I am currently in the middle of doing this project. I used the same wood look tile from the floor and went up the wall behind the toilet. I am now getting ready to paint the walls. Can I ask?? What is the distance did you use in between the shelving?

    Thanks again for the inspiration! I'll send pictures when I am completed. Doing this bathroom remodel is taking me a little longer than I expected. Work, work and more work and them come home to work. lol

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