Are Keeping Rooms A "New" Kitchen Trend?

When Professional Remodeler Magazine asked us to comment about the trend of fireplaces in the kitchen, our minds immediately went to keeping rooms:
Keeping rooms date back to colonial times when families would gather close to the kitchen fireplace to keep warm. Nowadays the kitchen is still the heart of the home and often the hub of all activities. Children and parents alike still want a place to gather close to the kitchen, but without children or guest under-feet while the household chefs are cooking!Traditionally these rooms would have brick or stone floors, but now we see wood floors more often with area rugs to soften the space.
Keeping rooms tend to have a positive influence on a home's resale value and buyer appeal. Do you have a keeping room? Show us: shows a keeping room example
How about this keeping room fireplace?
This new construction home by Triad Homes has a fantastic keeping room off the open kitchen!
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  • Terri J Terri J on Dec 03, 2012
    Ok, that is what I refer to as a "family room". Or at least that's what my family always called them. Thank you for clearifying it for me. I feel like "Duh?" - lol
  • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on Feb 21, 2016
    I would love a Keeping Room with comfy seating and drying herbs.But my kitchen is too small...I think though I will have touches of that Keeping Room vive.