Before and After: A Modern Geometric Mountain Makeover

I could not figure out what to do with this dresser! Seems easy enough, basic wood dresser...just paint it. I have this problem with "just painting" it. It needs to be interesting to me, I can't bare to just do what's easiest. I always like when there's a story behind something too, I like to know that there's inspiration that causes an idea to happen. And that's just what happened with this dresser after a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in California, one of America's most scenic drives. (I highly recommend ;) )
Here's the pretty rough looking before picture of this dresser. I filled in all of the lines you see here. I wanted all of the diamond shapes on the two bottom drawers to be gone and the lines on the upper drawers gone so I could really have a blank slate. I filled in all of the holes for the knobs and pulls, there were way too many hardware pieces before.
If you look closely this is a portrait of the mountains, the ocean and the sunset. The mountains through Big Sur are mostly green or brown, but I chose a blue and gray palette because I liked the combo. So this scene is "loosely" based on the Big Sur coast line.
I wanted the landscapes to go along the sides of the dresser.
Both sides are different.
I think this dresser would look awesome in a kids bedroom.
I like to imagine a kid's creativity and letting their imagination run wild in their world and promoting a sense of adventure.

This dresser is for sale!
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