Ombre' Dresser Update

Bought this upright dresser at an auction. It was not even real wood and needed an update! Picked out paint colors that could create an ombre' look. Primed the dresser first and then painted it with the different colors and added new drawer pulls.
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  • Mickey Baron Mickey Baron on Jan 06, 2016
    What a perfect redo. Well done!

  • Donna L. Woods-Clements Donna L. Woods-Clements on Jan 10, 2016
    Well thank you! I have those colors, and have been planning to redo a solid wood upright lingerie chest in ombre with them! Now I see how it can look, and will get brave enough to do it! I think I'll do the dresser itself in the darkest color though. (The dresser was my mom's, & is quasi Spanish & distressed.)

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    • Donna L. Woods-Clements Donna L. Woods-Clements on Jan 12, 2016
      @(Cindy) MarketingMomx4 Will try to remember. (AND to re-find this post, so I can!) Did one of those barstool-turned-upside-down & into wrapping paper/ribbon holders yesterday. You think I can find the original to tell her I copied? NOooooo! ;~D