$15 DIY Rustic Headboard

24 Hours
Want to make an easy board for next to nothing? Using pallet wood, you can create a rustic headboard in a couple of hours!
Materials (based on a 48 inch tall headboard, measuring from the floor to the top of the headboard)
5 – 1" X 6" pallet boards (length depends on size of bed. See below)
2 – 46" 1" X 6" pallet boards
8 – 1 1/4" wood screws
4 – 1/2" carriage bolts with washers
1 – 8 oz can Minwax PolyShades in Espresso
2 – 2" flat foam brushes
2 – 3" flat foam brushes
1/4" drill bit
1 sheet fine grit sandpaper
Measuring tape
Determine the width of your headboard. To make it easy, add 4 inches to the the width of your bed as follows:
Twin: Standard 39 inches + 4 inches = 43 inches
Full: Standard 54 inches + 4 inches = 59 inches
Queen: Standard 60 inches + 4 inches = 64 inches
King: Standard 76 inches + 4 inches = 80 inches
So how did the costs break down?
The final product!
Sand the wood with a fine grit sandpaper. Remember to always sand with the grain! Note: I suggest using an electric sander and medium grit sandpaper on the edges of the boards to ensure all possible rough edges are smoothed out.
Wipe boards with a damp towel to remove any dust. Apply a thin coat of stain, going with the grain.
Using a wider sponge, wipe the board from edge to edge (doing this will even out the stain). Note: Do this immediately. If you let the stain sit it will get tacky.
The stain needs to sit for approximately six hours before applying the second coat. If you are like me and want to get as much done as quickly as possible, grab the board by the edges and while holding it, stain the other side of the board.
Stain the exposed edge of the board.
Allow the boards to sit for at least six hours. Trust me on this! I tried a second coat after 4 hours and it turned out terrible!
After the second coat.
Place the 1" X 6" board center behind the left bed rail and mark a hole for drilling. Note: Mark a hole at the highest and lowest slat. Repeat on the right side.
Using a 1/4 inch drill bit, drill at the marked spots on the 1" x 6"s.
Measure 21.75 inches from the bottom of the 1" x 6" and place a mark. This is where the bottom of the first board needs to line-up.Line up all five boards so that they are stacked one on top of the other, front side down.
Place the 1" X 6"s approximately 1.5 inches from the edge of the boards. Note: Use a t-square to ensure the 1" x 6" is straight.
Screw one 1 1/4" wood screw per slat into the 1" x 6". Repeat on the opposite side. Note: I used screws that did not require pre-drilling. If you do not use this type, you will need to drill a hole using a 3/16th drill bit.
Attach the headboard to the slats in the frame using carriage bolts and washers.
Final product - side.
Final product - front.
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